The Amazing World of Gumball

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  • canceled or nah

    yeah a 7 because it's cool sometimes or whatever but like it hasn't been making shows lately so im thinking it's canceled

  • Very bad

    Plot - //Do what you want

    Animation and design - //Draw quickly

    Story - Some random and funny things

    Moral - Even my dick makes better plot

    Overall - Sometimes entertaing,but unqualitable

    Season 1:

    Dumb. Not that funny.

    Season 2 and 3:

    I love it! It's smart and interesting and talks about everyday issues, except exaggerated like crazy. Even some grown ups like it. It is quite possibly the best cartoon network show I've ever seen. I cannot count the amount of times that I've laughed out loud watching Gumball, and I can't imagine how anyone would NOT like it. As someone far down on the page said, just watch it. Believe me, you'll love it.
  • Terrible

    I hate Gumball along with Phineas and Ferb and My Little Pony.
  • gumball is one of the worst shows of all time and i blame ben boqulet for making it

    gumball sucks along with phineas and ferb and invader zim hahahahahaha screw you guys
  • Gumball is unbelievable!

    Some shows have great stories and some have a lot of humor,but nobody has thought of mashing them together!Gumball is the only show like this and will last for a very long time.
  • Brilliantly observed!

    The observations of an everyday family in an ordinary world, mostly seen through the eyes of the Watterson kids; Gumball (a blue cat), Anais (a pink rabbit), and Darwin (a goldfish). There is plenty of action and buckets full of humour. Visually its stunning with a mix of animation and live-action backgrounds. This show is genius!
  • It's original

    The series features the most types of animation I've never seen. It's originality is overwhelming. It should get an Oscar for originality only. It needs a little more teneur, but overall the series is OK. Not 10/10 OK. But acceptable. The new episodes just get into your skin. Currently, top 5 CN series (not that that is a great accomplishment nowadays)

    2014 update: This series has become the funniest animated series in TV right now. Competes with Adventure Time as the best Cartoon Network series right now.
  • Went far beyond my expectations

    I remember seeing the commercials for this and thought it was gonna suck. Even the first couple episodes had prove that theory. Overtime however, it has grown on me. Yeah, I'm surprised myself. This show actually gotten some laughs out of me and still has some very good episodes. One of my favorites for example is "The Remote". Not wanting to spoil it, I'll just say this. TAKE NOTES M NIGHT SHYAMALAN! That is how you make a good plot twist. So yeah, this show is pretty good. Better than I thought it would be at least.
  • Fun to watch

    Not only is the show funny and fun for kids and adults but this show has one of the most creative animation styles I've ever seen. Mixed with different drawing styles, cgi, and real life stills.
  • It's A Pretty Good Show

    I like this show. In my opinion, it's the best show airing on CN right now (It's way better than that Teen Titans Go! and Uncle Grandpa crap). The number one reason I love it is because of it's unique art and storyline, it keeps you interested in the show. My favorite character is Anais because I can compare her to me, I'm really smart too! Anyway, for those who think this show isn't that good, your free to your opinion, but I at least think it is very interesting and fun to watch.
  • It's OK.

    Thanks to this I started making fanfictions.

    Though this show could be improoved, it's really doing a great job.
  • Creative, Fun. A new interesting approach. Definitely worth watching!

    This show deserves the attention of every single one of you! The presentation may draw you away from it at first as it is quite unusual, with mixed media such as traditional animation combined with 3D animation, in all sorts of styles. But don't let the appereances fool you!

    It's one of the best shows I have ever watched and let me tell you why I think so:

    It portrays very accurately not only our current society, but also human personalities we meet every single day. And all of these in a very creative and fun way. For example, there's Gumball-the "hero" kid, Darwin-the sweet innocent sidekick, Anaise-the prodigy, Richard-the dum dad, Nicole-the mom with anger management problems, Ms Simian-the evil teacher etc. Everyone can relate to the show because it's characters are so well portrayed that it's impossible not to say "HAha, I do that too!".

    Second of all, the show deals with problems that we, as a generation, encounter: internet, school struggles, parents, bullying etc. And does that in a very creative and fun-to-watch way. As foolish as it may seem, remember it's a kids show. It's as deep or as foolish as the level of understanding you have. And it's funny because they attack all these problems everyone seems to ignore with a very subtle sarcasm, which opens your eyes, really.

    So give it a go, and you'll find yourself laughing with tears! It's a great show for kids as it prepares them for the real world, but it's also good for older people because it raises some questions yet unanswered, sometimes even leaving you to wonder and think about what the episode really meant to say.
  • Creative, New, and if you have not seen more than 5 eps you cannot judge it

    I get we can be quick, real quick to judge today's shows, what with many of us being from the 90s part of cartoons, but things change, they have to. Sometimes for the better or worse. And The amazing world of Gumball is one of those things I consider it to be for the better.


    You can't start judging this show until you have seen at least 5 eps. I personally thought it was going to be bad at first. The first and second ep did not blow my mind, and I didn't get it. but around the 4th and 5th ep, it all starts making sense. This show is an acquired taste. That is why you have to be patient when entering this show. I have now watched all the eps and I will say there are good episodes, bad episodes, and great episodes. In the end I see that it was very worth it.
  • Creative

    it's creative,funny,wierd,and one of the best shows on cartoon network currently

    it kinda juvenile at times but it's still great
  • A poor excuse for a show

    Cartoon network has really gone downhill since 2004,but I never thought they would reach such a level of stupidity. Shows like Adventure time,Clarence,Eliot Kit,Uncle Grandpa and many other really drop the quality of this station.

    Now about Gumball : there's not much to say about it. It's a child show done in a very bad matter. Animation sucks : they made the characters look like candy,some of them are flying objects,and they've mixed animation with real background pictures that are cheap. How on earth can this be enjoyable?. Realistic background can be good if it's done right (one example you have is in "Courage the cowardly dog" where the images are a work of art and they are displayed intelligently) but here it's anything but good.

    Characters are annoying and just plain stupid. All they do is argue about silly things and make ridiculous decisions. Plots are boring : it's a simple idea repeated many times in a shitty matter. Sometimes it gets so awful my brain cells start to melt and I feel like screaming (no joke).

    The only good thing I see from this pile of garbage is the character Anais. She is pretty smart,makes clever decisions and when she interacts with her brothers she makes them look like idiots.

    In conclusion : if you are over 6 years old and value your mind,stay away from this shit.

  • Funny!

    Okay so last year my rating for this show as a 3.5, but as I keep watching the episodes I decided to give it a 10
  • Very Creative

    First off, lemme just say the character designs of this show really is "amazing". There's 2D characters mixed with 3D characters and it looks very nice. The characters are interesting looking. Heck, one of the characters is a banana. The characters' personalities are also good

    For example the mom in the show is sorta bipolar and goes crazy sometime. Even though the characters are creative, the setting isn't. It's your typical family-school show and the humor is mainly "lol he got hurt" and mean-spirited humor for the first season. However, the second and third season feature more dualogue based humor, adult inuendos, and 4th wall breaking, which I enjoyed. Even though the humor is mean-spirited sometimes the characters usualyy resolve the problem at the end and have heart-warming endings and relatable lessons. The show has improved a lot since the first sesson and in the third sesason there is some actual story going on. 8/10.
  • Isn't it fortunate that the word "amazing" is in the title?

    This show is very funny, has some likeable characters and well written plots. It also has this clever gag to make fun of common cliches. The true highlight of the show is it's animation: 2D, 3D, and stop motion all in one setting ( why can't animated films be more like that?).
  • Gumballs are delicious, and so's the show

    Season 1: The stories were hilarious and clever, though the animation was kind of lame and the personalities were too goofy and happy all the time

    Season 2:The animation improved and so did the personalities, they were a bit more serious and less goofy and stupid. But a few stories got a bit dull and boring but it was still an improvement. Oh yeah, and Hugo Harrison's voice casting was better than Rupert Degas

    Season 3: Nothing changed except the voice casting for Gumball and Darwin

    I love the show, but it could be better, maybe if Season 2/3's animation and personalities combined with Season 1's stories, this show would be awesome
  • A show that really puts animation to the TOP OF THE WORLD

    This was actually the first show on CN that I watched,so I'm a pretty late fan. The episodes features countless types of animation,with simple 2D designs for gumball and Darwin, more 3d style designs for Tina Rex and some background characters. Really good animation,and a decent story.
  • The Amazing World of Hilarity

    Good god, this show is awesome. It constantly keeps me laughing, with the hilarious character interactions and setups to the witty dialogue and awesome slapstick done very well. I've seen plenty of old episode from the current season, and they ALL make me laugh so much. My one other HUGE point is that it ACTUALLY has a good idiotic father figure. Richard is a dumb, fat bunny dad who can't do much right, but it's made INCREDIBLY clear he only wants the best for his kids, and he even got an entire episode dedicated to showing that. This show is a bunch of fun, wit, hilariousness, and awesomeness for anyone to watch.
  • Amazing world of GumBall

    Sucks ........ waste of space
  • The Best of Cartoon Network

    Great show
  • This cartoon is the best cartoon on TV right now hands-down!

    I have never watched a more funnier cartoon than Gumball, this is one of the greats in television animation. I have three words: JUST WATCH IT. That is all you need to do, words can't sum up how awesome this show is.
  • An Abomination to the Cartoon World!

    The first time I watched an episode of this show, I was like, "the fuck did I just watch?" Its a stupid show and has the most random character you could think of. This show is crappy and unfunny. The only people who watch it are young kids and fat smelly old people. Seriously people. Get a life instead of watching a bunny and fish do dumb shit
  • terrible

    just like ALL other crappy cartoon network show. Bad animation, boring plots, bad voiceovers. Cheap.
  • One of the better shows on the network aside from season 1

    This show is a pretty nice show. It's the third best show on the network, only to be beaten by Regular Show in second place, and Uncle Grandpa being the best show on the network. Season 1 stunk, but Season 2 got better, and Season 3 is getting better with every episode.

    Season 1 is certainly the worst by far because the animation looked ugly and the show relied on fart humor in that season, but the fart jokes go away in Seasons 2 and 3. I'm glad this show got renewed for a fourth and fifth seasons, because with how well seasons 2 and 3 are doing, the show deserves it.

    There are only two episodes I don't like from season 3. But season 3 is getting better with every other episode. Maybe seasons 4 and 5 will be even better (if that's possible). And I hope the show will get even more seasons.

    Season 1 - 3/10

    Season 2 - 7/10

    Season 3 - 8/10
  • Funny and cool show

    Even though some of the characters are irritating, the show is still good.
  • Best show along with MLP!

    This is great! Cool characters including a cat-bunny family named the Wattersons with a goldfish makes it a perfect show with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
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