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  • I love it!

    When I saw the trailer, I didnt think it was going to be good. but then I watched the first few episodes and loved it! It's about a blue cat and his adoptive brother goldfish with legs. They solve problems and have adventures. theres only one episode i dont like. I cant wait for the next season.
  • An Amazing show to watch.

    The first time I watched the Amazing World of Gumball I did not know what to think of it; a blue cat, a Goldfish with legs, a Tyrannosaurus-Rex, a Peanut with horns and so on and so forth. The first thing that caught my eye was that some characters were drawn differently, some looking more cartoonish than others and that the setting was in the "real" world, that's what really got my attention. I have to say that I am a huge fan of Family Guy, Futurama, The Simpsons (duh!) and many other great shows but this one really makes me laugh my lungs out. The show's jokes are witty, well thought out and surprisingly fresh considering that many pop culture references have been used by so many other shows before. Not a show for everyone and I LOVE that because you have to understand where it all comes from to GET the jokes. Most people will think that the jokes are stupid and won't understand that this is precisely what makes The Amazing World of Gumball SO SPECIAL, that it doesn't take itself so seriously and enjoys its own silliness and crazy if not ludicrous adventures. My son who is 6 LOVES the show and the jokes and so do I, we watched it together whenever we can and that makes this show even more special. In a world full of cliches and bland jokes, the Amazing World of Gumball is a refreshing and special cartoon. Its special kind of comedy is not for everyone. I have already bought seasons 3 and 4 and looking forward to seasons 2 and 1 (in that crazy order). The Amazing world of Gumball is one heck of a show!!!
  • Dumbest Show ever.

    I don't care what you think, you know it sucks. Animated characters in a real world? A fish, cat, banana, and a ton of other idiotic characters. I've watched it before to prove I know it sucks. Seriously. Everyone with a positive comment, get your head on straight. This is the WORST. I'd rather get a concussion than watch one episode of this crap. I'm literally not kidding. Oh, and the episode where they see a paper bear about some sort of stupid germ issue, she diagnoses something, and they give her 'A treatment of sarcastic looks' After that joke, I literally knew this is 20x worse than the Incredible Crew, Level Up, and every bad fart joke I've heard combined. And for the record, I've been forced to watch a lot of episodes by "friends" so if you think they have good jokes, I can counter each and every one. Also, for the record, I want to smash Gumball and Darwin with a sledgehammer. Their stupidity that ends up in luck just makes them all the more annoying. Cartoon Network should just make an episode where they just die from their own stupidity and arrogance. For the record, all the positive commenters on this show need to understand that is not a child's channel. At least if this show continues, move it to Nickolodeon. This show is the pinnacle of stupidity. It's impossible to get any worse, unless it gets worse the Gumball way, which it has. Each episode, the have worse ideas. One by one, it gets worse. This show practically makes me want to stop watching cartoon network. They pretty much destroyed Cartoon Network with idiotic shows, and this one makes all of them looks like perfect comedies. Everyone with a positive comment, seriously, like I said, this a channel for kids that are 11-15, not kindergarteners and first graders. I mean, seriously, they already share time with Adult Swim. I hate this damned show so much I want to yell at the producers of this wreck they call a cartoon.

  • I would give this a 7 or 7.5 if there weren't any bad episodes.

    I thought this show had potential, yet it does. However, there are some crappy episodes of this show. What I mean by that is that they're either mean-spirited, or involve our blue hero getting killed and/or hospitalized. If these episodes didn't exist, this show would've been better. Yes, there are some good episodes. But there wasn't a good enough amount of them. So, this show isn't good or terrible, just a bit weak.
  • Its really not that bad!

    It's and okay show along with Regular Show.
  • A little too much sugar and not enough spice

    Were now we have shows like Uncle Grandpa, Adventure Time, Regular Show, etc which can be considered a "Confusing being random for humor" show we have Amazing World of Gumball. Where as I don't rightly declare this show the worst and go around like "OMG!!! THIS IS THE WORST THING SINCE THEY PUT ON THAT OTHER SHOW THAT WASN'T A 90's CARTOON" I will still say this isn't very good. It can't seem to calm the fuck down and that's what annoys me. In my "Steven Universe" review, I said something about other shows on this network being "way too much eye candy" is my example.

    Now I will respect the fans but let me say Grandpa and the other shows I just mentioned are guilty of this but where they stand out is that everybody has a clear character. You can remember Uncle G, Pizza Steve, Rigby, Mordecai, Finn or Jake because they all have clear characters even the others that I will not list because it'll be too long. I've watched both seasons of AWoG and I haven't grown attached to anybody. They all act the same besides maybe two character Gumball's sister and his mother (The only SANE characters in the show). Everybody acts all sugary and spontaneous making them all blend and become indishtinguishable. They have a buffet with the scenry admit is kinda cool. It's photorealistic which conflicts with the different character art styles. That's actually my main praise for the show the character designs(not their personalities because most of them don't get that much screentime to develop one) which can consist of the CG dinosaur, an 8-bit spider, A ballon (also CG), and a puppet thing with a realistic mouth.

    All in all if you're interested I'm not going to bash you enjoy the show but if you want a show with great art, characters, atmosphere and above all creativity i'm going to say watch steven Universe. I know that makes me seem bias and Fanboyish but I just enjoy that show more

  • This Show....

    This show why is it still on the air... Cartoon network use to be so respectable but now... this is absolute crap
  • amazingly hiiiilarious

    Anyone who bashes this show is either soo full of themselves they're blinded by their own self righteous sense of quality and can't see its greatness, or too dumb to actually understand the hilarity of how clever the writing really is. AMAZING SHOW! Could go into copious amounts of detail but the show speaks for it self. Just hope that your able to listen while it's doing so.
  • Not That Bad of a Show

    This is a pretty decent show on Cartoon Network. It uses various animations to make the characters. Several character are regular cartoons, some are CGI, one is a chin puppet, and some look like paper cutouts. There are good episodes and some bad and some okay episodes.

    However, I do not see this as one of the shows that redeems Cartoon Network, like Regular Show, Adventure Time, or Steven Universe and I do get why it gets a lot of hate.

    At times, the show shows too much randomness and relies too heavily on sentiment objects. Many of the creatures are uninspired and often times the show is just weird, but overall, it's not too bad.
  • "Amazing" Season 3 Confirmed (May 2014)

    It's a seemingly enticing blend of immature/mature comedic writing with morals not in the least bit subtle, yet set up surprisingly well. If you have never stepped foot in middle school as a preteen/teen, it might be hard to relate to this, considering the typical focus of this show's SATIRE occasionally coinciding with the quintessential family sitcom.

    Target audience? ~ Middle schoolers and above

    +It's unapologetically over the top and seriously pushes the boundary on creativity, especially with its humor and character designs/portrayals. It's also remarkable to see a cartoon whose characters acknowledge its obviously wacky reality without resorting to 4th wall gags.

    +Even if you can't come to laugh at a single joke, the show's writing is its strongest asset.

    (that sharp wit, that unique/fleshed out spin on inherent stereotypes)

    being one of the better character-driven series on Cartoon Network.

    It's one of those shows that DOES NOT HAVE TO BE NOR MEANT FOR EVERYONE.

    Those who do enjoy The Amazing World of Gumball, know that there's an astonishing amount to appreciate.

  • For those who don't know true entertainment

    If you like shows that have absolutely no artistic skill or creativity, this is the one for you.
  • More overrated than #YOLO

    This show is just... bad. The main protagonist is a dork, his friend doesn't make sense, somehow his dad is more brain-dead than Ed from Ed, Edd n' Eddy and just... WTF? I hate everything else, from the animation to the plots.

    Also as an edit... the more dislikes this review gets, the more people I know don't know shit from gold. And this show is DEFENITELY shit.
  • ... Rated Y7 for violence and rude humor... makes sense.

    Well, when I first started watching this show, just by looking at the style, I thought: "Why is it rated Y7? It's so cute! ; And then at the end... In my opinion, it's entertaining to watch, but the humor is somewhat inappropriate and is not recommended for kids under 8. It has words like "twerk" and "make-out" in it. And that's when I learned not to judge a book by it's cover. There are, in fact, violence in it. Explosions, fighting, etc. So yeah...
  • A step in the right direction

    This show is the only thing watchable cartoon on CN and Nick right now and that's not saying much. The show is actually not that bad. My favorite episode is The Car where they accidentally destroy the neighbors car and they do stuff for him. I do however have some complaints as I'm sure everyone else here does Well for starters it's way to random, by that I mean the world makes no sense like everything is alive and inanimate objects and stuff are alive and about in the school. There is a T-Rex, a ghost, a cloud, a cardboard bear, a flower, a banana, and lots of other stuff I can't even describe. Sure it's an "amazing world" but there are limits. Other than that this show gets an "Above Meh" rating and is what I recommend people give it a try with an open mind.
  • This show sucks!

    I can't stand this show I used to like it but now I hate it so I think I'll take it out of my favorites.

    The Amazing World Of Gumball follows

    the misadventures of Gumball, a twelve year

    old cat. With the help of his best friend

    Darwin, his former pet goldfish that grew

    legs and joined the family, he gets into all

    sorts of antics. He is joined by his sister,

    Anais, a four year old bunny with heightened

    intelligence. His father, Richard, and his

    mother, Nicole, are there to provide him

    support as well.

    This show is very weird, and lacks every aspect of logic. Seriously? Darwin is supposed to be a fish yet he hates water. Why the sh## does everything come to life?! Most of the characters are odd and not needed for the plot.

    Gumball thinks he is cool but he's just an immature spoiled brat, basically how every parent sees their kid in their eyes. Like in one episode Gumball wants candy and his mom says no and then he throws a tantrum in the grocery store along with Darwin and his sister Anais. Seriously!!? Isn't he twelve, shouldn't he know better?!?

    The humor is just a bunch of childish, forced humor combined with a bunch of screaming.

    The animation isn't too bad though, its not the best I've seen but at least theres some effort put into it (even tgough they combine live action backrounds with animation).

    Overall Gumball is a unfunny, childish and poorly made show on CN that needs to be cancelled. Don't waste your time on this junk, go check out Regular Show, Steven Universe, or heck, maybe even Adventure Time, before you watch this crap.

  • Hi there I drink poison

    Alright, I know there are a bunch of gumball haters out there. But this is my opinion on the show. I like it. The animation is well done and nicely done. I can the creators take their time with this show. The CG-i characters were well made and they looked amazing! The jokes are pretty funny and the plots are amazing! although, the endings are bad sometimes (Ex. the finale). The characters are creative and some are loveble. Like Carrie, Darwin, and Gumball and Penny's relationship. I also like how many references this show has. For example Rocky the orange puppet guy has ABCD on his shirt. I laughed when I noticed that. Overall, the show is amazing just like he title. One of my favorite CN cartoons. Just a few things about this show that makes me want to lower it down. Look at the rate --->
  • It's original

    The series features the most types of animation I've never seen. It's originality is overwhelming. It should get an Oscar for originality only. It needs a little more teneur, but overall the series is OK. Not 10/10 OK. But acceptable. The new episodes just get into your skin. Currently, top 5 CN series (not that that is a great accomplishment nowadays)
  • The Amazingly Angry Review on The Amazingly Evil World of Gumball

    Words cannot describe how much I hate this fucking show. They obviously made this show without reason because the creators are highly bored or are high. Truly disappointing and cliche. There's this movie that has animation in real world, yeah ROGER RABBIT. Watch that, not this piece of unfunny Britain garbage. Every episode will have the most childish humor you will see in any bad CN show, and a BUNCH OF SCREAMING!!!!!!!! and lack of logic. I mean, look at this. Darwin is a fish but he hates water. Don't put yourself through this. I used to like this show, but now I've finally got a higher IQ and funnier sense of humor, I hate this show.
  • com si com sa ._.

    I like the art style but the show in general isn't that entertaining. I like how the characters all have different styles and looks very unique but they managed to mess it up by slapping all these shitty gags and jokes all over the god damn place. It just annoys me really bad knowing this could have been a really good cartoon >.
  • Great

    It's a funny show in my opinion.
  • Decent show but ....

    This show is decent but...... IT'S MAKES NO FRICKIN SENSE! WHY IS EVERYTHING ALIVE? WAS THERE A NUCLEAR EXPLOSION IN ELMORE? WHY IS THERE A DINOSAUR IN THE SCHOOL ? THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO BE EXTINCT! HOW COULD DARWIN GROW LEGS ? DID GUMBALL FEED HIM RADIOACTIVE WASTE OR SOMETHING? WHY HASN'T GUMBALL EATEN DARWIN YET? HE'S SUPPOSED TO BE A CAT AND CATS EAT FISH! WHY IS GUMBALL'S SISTER AND DAD RABBITS? AND SHOULDN'T GUMBALL AND HIS MOM EATEN THEM BY NOW? CATS EAT RABBITS! WHY DOES SOME OF THE BACKGROUNDS LOOK LIKE THEY WERE PHOTOGRAPHED? WERE THE ANIMATORS TOO LAZY TO ANIMATE THE BACKGROUNDS? AND WHY HASN'T THE DINOSAUR EATEN EVERYONE IN SCHOOL YET? IT'S A T REX AND IT'S SUPPOSED TO EAT OTHER LIVING THINGS! WHY DOES GUMBALL AND HIS FAMILY LOOK LIKE ANIME CHARACTERS? AND FINALLY, WHY IS THAT LIP, GIRL THING SO DAMN CREEPY? WHY, WHY, WHYYYYYYYYY? Also the show is not that original. It's kind of like a rip off of chowder, spongebob, roger rabbit and adventure time. And gumball's dad looks really similar to peter griffin. Also, I hate it when gumball and darwin both scream like idiots for no reason. And the show can get kinda childish at times. And some of the supporting characters can get really annoying, especially that stripping banana thing. But despite what I said, this show is actually good. The jokes are funny most of the time, the animation is really good and gumball and darwin are very likeable characters (except when they are screaming like falcons for no reason) . The sad thing is, if this show was more original, actually made more sense and was not childish at times, it would've been one of my favorites. If you want to watch a better surreal CN show, watch adventure time, regular show or foster's home for imaginary friends.
  • Bad show, Jolly bad show.

    My sister likes this show. Here is what I have to say. IT"S GAY. BAD ANIMATION. HORRIBLE STUPID WEAK PLOTS. TERRIBLE JOKES. I don't know how you all like this shit, sure disagree, with me if you dare. But this is MY opinion. I just think you all need to watch REAL shows. Not this terrible peace of shit. If you do not understand what I mean, I hate to say, but clearly you don't have any sense in real TV. Shit past 2007 has been BAAAAD.
  • Laugh Torture

    AWG is another in a long line of cartoons that have a bunch of crazy non-sensical characters. Such as: the complete trash "annoying orange", the unbeatable "Adventure Time"; to name a couple in production. AWG never fails to get me to chuckle and sometimes belly laugh. Its mature enough to pick out some cheap laughs (in episode "The Castle" Gumball is on Anais' shoulders under a trench coat delivering pizzas. When change is due an oddly placed arm extends from the trench coat offering the change. The guy hesitates, staring at the appendage and obviously disturbed, confused and amazed; says something like, "ughhh, NO thanks". Anyhow the cartoon is great and i hope the kids voices dont change and ruin the show. This sucker wont be cancelled for several years.
  • I gave this show another chance, and it's alright if you don't focus on the animation.

    I finally admit, I kind of like this show. Sure I still think there are some bad episodes in it, but most of them are okay. so that is why it gets a good 7. Let's run down the seasons, and then the years, and finally, the overall review.

    Season 1: Alright, but did have a few pretty horrible episodes like The Debt and The Ghost, but still, it was pretty good. The episodes (besides the bad ones) range from good to decent.

    Season 2: Also good. A little unoriginal, but still good. It's also a bit better than Season 1, but the animation is not. It isn't that bad, it actually kind of improved on mid-2013, but Season 2 did also have a few bad episodes, like The Knights, The Job, Halloween, Christmas, The Bumpkin, The Authority, and The Storm, but it is mostly good. Keep it up, Gumball! Episodes (besides the bad ones) range from great to decent.

    Here are the year grades:

    2011: OK

    2012: Good

    2013: Good

    And now for the overall review.

    I do consider Gumball, even though it does have a few pretty awful episodes, it's still pretty good for the most part. Gumball has become slightly meaner, and Darwin became a bit, well, stupider, but Gumball is still great. Hooray for Gumball! So far this gets a 7/10 for me. Keep up the good work, Gumball!
  • Great for kids, okay for adults.

    Basically a third wheel to Adventure Time, and Regular Show, two other shows which I deem "okay". Not really a fan of the main character's squeaky voices, and over-reactions to everything. Gumball's other friends at school are usually just there and most of the time don't have anything truly important to contribute to the story. Also, when this show initially came out, I thought that Darwin was female. Maybe it was the eyelashes or something... Anyway, the promos (especially the ones they often show on Boomerang) are strange and sometimes make me want to avoid the show altogether. I think the dad is pretty incompetent as well, but thats really all i can say about it. The plots are pretty good and original, and I've actually laughed on a few occasions. For all I know, most of the episodes I haven't seen might be pure genius, but I won't waste any time on finding out. Good show, but lets let the kids keep this one for once.
  • What is wrong with this dark minded show ?

    This show is dumb

    Plot:4.4 Basically it's just these creepy animals in the usa with british accents.

    Animation:3.3 It looks very bad

    Jokes:2.1 nothing to say

    Humor:1.3 idk about this

    Drama:0.0 none


    Musical:3.1 it has some of the most annoyingest music ever


    Supernatural:0.0 none





    Overall;3.0 Why do so much people like this ?


    Ever since I first saw this, I loved it! Every Episode is good! It's AMAZING. It's funny and I hope they make more episodes
  • It sort of grew on me.

    The characters are good, things were drawn pretty well, and the episodes are impressively enjoyable. At first I thought that it wasn't going to work but when I got to know more about the show and what it can deliver it actually has the capacity to satisfy me.
  • An Abomination to the Cartoon World!

    The first time I watched an episode of this show, I was like, "the fuck did I just watch?" Its a stupid show and has the most random character you could think of. This show is crappy and unfunny. The only people who watch it are young kids and fat smelly old people. Seriously people. Get a life instead of watching a bunny and fish do dumb shit
  • just wow

    the show is just so good it has a point to every episode and in some cases u can relate to it not to all the crazy stuff i mean to the stuff that we every do
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