The American Embassy

FOX (ended 2002)


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  • Great show that died too young

    American Embassy deserved a better fate than it got. It was well-written and had appealing actors. It took Ally McBeal's time slot for the few weeks it ran and it should have done better than it did. I'm not sure people knew what this show was going to be about. It was kind of like Ally set in London. The thing that really angered me about the way this show was treated was that its sixth and final episode was not even shown. Fox, in its infinite wisdom, decided that we would be better off seeing a repeat viewing of an Adam Sandler movie instead. This show deserved better.
  • American Embassy had a lot of potential, but the writers and actors dropped the ball.

    Although The American Embassy didn't get much of a chance--it only lasted six episodes--it was a great idea during a time of need for our country, after the disasterous events of 9/11. I enjoyed it, despite the predictable story lines and poor acting.

    I wanted Emma to succeed in her new world, to triumph. I think perhaps the Ally McBeal audience was the problem. Perhaps if it had been called Emma Brody instead, it would have found a bigger audience?

    Still, kudos to Fox for trying something different. Wish it had worked out better. I did enjoy Jonathan Cake's performance as Jack Wellington.