The American President

PBS (Mini-Series 2000)


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The American President

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The American President is a 2000 PBS documentary series about all the men (up to President Clinton) to hold the highest office in the United States Government. The series is broken into 41 fifteen minute chunks, each one on the life of one of America's presidents. Rather than go the obvious route and sort the episodes chronologically, the presidents are grouped thematically. For example, one episode features five presidents who achieved the office by being the Vice President when the previous President died, such as Lyndon Johnson and Teddy Roosevelt. Another deals with four that achieved the office through military heroism, such as Washington and Eisenhower. The presidents still living at the time of the documentary's production were interviewed and provided vocal narration for their segments, and celebrities such as Walter Cronkite were brought onboard to lend their voice to those who were not. Anyone interested in the history of the presidency will find something to like about The American President.moreless

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