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The Americans follows two KGB agents posing as Americans in the suburbs of Washington D.C. The series stars Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys, and Noah Emmerich.


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    Elizabeth ended things with Young Hee while Pastor Tim attempted to make peace.


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    Pastor Tim went missing and a retired Gaad ran into trouble in Thailand.

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    • The KGB are our enemies? IThink Not.

      Wow I have finally caught up in full with all three seasons of "The Americans" and it's the best Suspense/Drama show I have ever watched and I watch a ton of television shows. I will say this is a review for all three seasons and not just one or two of them. I will start off with the story which takes place in Washington, . during the Cold War in the 1980's. The story progresses outside of this conflict to center on a married KGB couple with children that are spies working for their Motherland Russia. I love the story because no show to my recollection has ever dived into a story like this one and least of all not centered on it. I will move onto the acting which is Superb. I mean Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell as the main protagonists are Incredible and really flesh the characters out. The other actors and actresses all do an Amazing job including Noah Emmerich as the FBI Agent. I will follow up now on the action which is in my opinion extremely scrutinized and I mean that in a great way. The action/espionage is done Masterfully as it was created by Joe Weisberg who used to be in the CIA. I believe he recreates that time period with exquisite detail. The action is not Game of Thrones violence but when it's there it's all out and running for the finish line. I will finish with the cinematography which is done flawlessly and every shot and angle is shot with a purpose. I will close by saying this is a Must See television show. I mean I can think of no other show that keeps my Heart racing every episode at what might happen next like this show does and you will not regret watching it of that I can assure you. I can't wait for Season 4.moreless
    • The Whole Show

      @ stephenhill52459615, I am 100% in agreement with you. I stuck to the bitter end JUST to see if those waste of spaces would be caught and put away forever. And what they were putting the Daughter through! Yea, the Dad was there to help shield her from becoming part of the "machine" but, he too HAS to answer for his crimes. The Mom, lock her away deep into a pit and let her rot. I loved this show and at the same time hated it. I am glad it is off of the air. As a vet having served during the show's timeline, I am disgusted by it. Oh, and hooray for the Daughter at the end. Now I can fantasize that her scummy parents were caught, tried and hung as well they deserved.moreless
    • The Best Show You're Not Watching....

      The Americans is one of the most underrated shows on TV, and it should be having the same exposure as the likes of Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones. Tense, gripping, awesome cold war drama at the top of its game with some great acting from Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell. The child actors are surprisingly good as well, and the rich atmosphere of this show with the strong serialization and individual episode quality (there hasn't been a poor one three seasons in) makes this a must watch.moreless
    • too slow moving

      I was a real fan of the Americans, but season 3 is just too slow moving. Everythiing so far should have been in just 3 episodes. The show has gotten away from spying and into endless unrelated diversions which die of their own weight. The whole South African saga was a waste of time and not connected with the main focus of FBI vs. KGB. Phililips' fake affair with the teenager is pathettic and not appropriate. The killing of the old lady in the computer repair shop was unbearable and cruel.

      Boring sessions with Gabriel seem to be a part of each episode I can't believe he is the model of a KGB controller, assigned to the US.. In those days, it would more likely be some tough guy who looks like Ivan Konev or Georgi Zhukov or Vladimir Putin. How come Gabriel never seems to interfact with the KGB Rizidentura or Arkady or Oleg who are more believable. The only saving grace of this show is Paige (Holly Taylor) who will really be a star and Annet Mahendra (Nina) who is also terrific and the guy who plays Arkady and Oleg. . .Finally, it is incredible showing the FBI so incompetent that they are not staking out Martha's home to see who goes there (Philliip) There is no real story to season 3, it is just a collection of reactions. I wish Stan (Agent Beeman) had more of a love interest in TORI, she is HOT and she had her own TV show about a sports psychologist.moreless
    • Masterpiece

      The show is just amazing, no need to say anything else. Now answering to a previous review: the "extremely evil characters" its the point , if you have a high sensitivity for that kind of stuff then this show is not for yoy. And i doubt there will be such exodus as walter white was an extremely evil and selfish character but people still loved and loves the show. The main character doesnt have to be a knight in shiny armor saving ladies and puppies for a show to be good.moreless
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