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They changed the way things are presented on this site they made it more social media based .

If you want to see main page just click banner 'The wig shop' It will take to where people comment on different stuff you see comments section in cornor of every post
I'm having a lot of trouble trying to figure out how to use this site. I was hoping to find some kind of user forum where people who watched this show could exchange opinions.

However, in this section that is called "General Show Discussion" there appears to only be two comments. So, that cannot be right. Surely there would be more than two comments - even if this was only pertaining to one episode.

I have watched and rewatched most every episode of this show and I just cannot describe how wonderful I think it is.

It may very well be the best TV show being broadcast today - even better than Mad Men, Game of Thrones and Fargo.

The thing I like the best is just how thoughful and thought provoking it is. You can watch and learn an awful lot about how the espionage business works and that is extremely fascinating for someone (like me) who has never really considered any of that before.

Every week, there seems like there is always something to learn and something new to consider about how espionage works today and how it would have worked during the Reagan era.

Do yourself a favor and tune into this show every Wed night!
Does anyone know when Season 1 is coming out on Blu-ray/DVD? Thanks!
One of best new series in 2013 and one of my favorite who says Keri Russel can't act ?. She really proved she grown up from her felicity days.
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