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FX (ended 2018)

With the final season of The Americans, considered the best spy show on television, now underway, someone new has entered the mix: Soviet Diplomat Fyodor Nesterenko.

Is he a good guy or a bad guy? Evidently, it’s too soon to tell according to actor Alex Feldman who portrays the negotiator with links to Gorbachev.

Born in Kiev, Ukraine, raised in New York and now based in Los Angeles, Alex has previously appeared on Shooter, Code Black, Cold Case, In Plain Sight, CSI: Miami, Law & Order, and Without A Trace. Plus, you might recall him from the Lifetime bio-pic Bling Ring, based on the real-life young gangsters who robbed celebrities when they weren’t home.

Away from the limelight, Alex has a couple writing and directing projects in-development, is the Founder of the creative community For Actors By Actors and is a faculty member of the Los Angeles acting conservatory, Theatre of Arts.

I recently caught up with Alex Feldman to find out more about his new role on The Americans.

What can you tell us about your role in the final season of The Americans?

ALEX: The final season, is set in 1987 and Soviet political conditions are volatile. I play a diplomat who represents a legislative agenda that does not sit well with Elizabeth's higher-ups. She is directed to investigate my affairs in Washington.

How was it working on such a fan-favorite show?

ALEX: I was a fan of the show before I joined the cast. I've spoken to people who lived through this fascinating moment in history both on the Soviet side and the American side. I felt a responsibility to the dedicated audience that has been following this story for 5 seasons. Fortunately, the detailed writing, production design, and overall attention to accuracy on The Americans is fantastic.

The show is all about people who aren’t what they appear, so can we expect that from your character this season, too?

ALEX: The great thing about this show is that it keeps you guessing and questioning who the "good guys" are. Watch and decide.

Any interesting stories from the set you can share with us?

ALEX: We spent full shoot days on city blocks transformed into 1987 existence. At first I thought, "Did we really drive those cars? Wear those clothes? Smoke all those cigarettes?". But after a few days, a kind of a nostalgia for pre-cellphone days set in. I had a hard time letting go of Fyodor Nesterenko's brown ties, long 80's shoulder-padded coat, and sharp diplomat briefcase. It's nice to step out of your reality once in a while.

What’s been the biggest lesson you took away from the opportunity?

ALEX: Patience. I auditioned to play 5 different characters on The Americans over the past five years. I was determined to get on this show and I am so very glad that this is the one I ultimately got to play, but patience does not always come easily to a resolute actor. Patience.

Got anything else coming up we can watch for the near future?

ALEX: I am currently developing two science fiction series with my writing partners (details at www.AlexFeldman.info). I'm also working with a creative community for Actors and Writers based in LA called For Actors By Actors (www.ForActorsByActors.com).