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    This is one really great dramatic and intelligently presented plot with superb , well casted and played characters. The fast, unpredictable turns of plot make you anxious for the next week! Elizabeth, especially is devastating as she plays nice mama one minute and cold killer the next.

    I expected more from this show but it's still sometimes awesome.

  • Great Tv

    Great Writing and the acting does the writing justice.

  • Margo Martindale(Claudia) never got clobbered like that.....

    in her role as Mags in Justified Elizabeth would have been swallowing some of Mags elixir in a hurry had she tried such a thing over there.

    Best TV show in forever.

  • the americans

    really like it something different well written
  • Don't look it up on IMDB unless you like spoilers.

    It tells you how many episodes each actor is in, and from that you can deduce how long each character survives in the world of The Americans.

    I'd be really happy if someone wrote a long thoughtful review for comment.
  • Thrilling

    A true spy thriller! Great to watch! Great acting and actors!
  • First Episode

    I just finished the first episode and I loved it.
  • Best pilot of 2013

    OMG the americans is perfection, it's been the best piolt i've seen in a long time had be sucked in from the very first episode, everything was spot on
  • Some people will have fundamental problems with this show...

    For anyone over the age of 35 that grew up in America, this show poses a moral dilemma.

    Having grown up during the cold war, the true Red vs Blue, . Joe, full scale propaganda machine version of the USA, when nationalism and patriotism was at its height and few questioned "America" the ideal, watching this show was difficult at first because the main characters are our sworn enemy.

    The very thought of rooting for Russian spies made me question my own beliefs and, more so, the state of a USA where it was no okay to produce such a show. As such, the 2nd episode was particularly difficult to watch. The third was almost as disturbing.

    Well, those feelings have not completely dissipated but I must say that, beyond the fine acting, writing, and directing, this show is definitely intriguing because it takes a look at our childhood from a perspective that most of us will have never considered.

    With the "bad guy" is the main character, the "good guys" always a step behind, and the audience left not sure for whom they are supposed to root, I have decided to open up to this "what if" alternate reality look at America to see where this show is trying to go.

    And for the record, Annet Mahendru is one of the most beautiful women ever to step in front of a camera!
  • Great Series

    Has the feel of real Spy stuff. "The Spy Who Came in from the Cold" or "Three Days of the Condor".

    There are others.

    The Americans has very few car chases - or explosions. Spy work must avoid attention.

    Argo - the recent movie - is another example.

    I love them all. Thanks FX !

  • What was the title of that song?

    i LOVE THIS SHOW and During the last scenes of 'GREGORY' a Byran Ferry song was used. I am a big fan but don't know the title. Can anyone help?
  • I spy with my little eye..

    Really looking forward for the episodes still to come and seeing if they can keep up the tension that has been on the air so far. I love the 80's spy stuff that the two of our favorite comrades are pulling off with their retro spying gear (especially Phillips disguises :D ). A great show so far and potentially one of the best tv -shows of 2013!
  • what is wrong with this show?

    I've tried to like this show, but there is something not right about it. I thought after three episodes I should have been hooked - I wanted to be hooked, but I found myself trying too hard to make it work. Something disingenuous about it, can't put my finger on it. Production value is good, direction is good, acting isn't bad, it's when you assemble the whole package, just doesn't work.
  • this show sucks

    nothing to like a bout this show
  • Just amazing show in general

    There are few shows that can handle tension this amazingly. Many people will argue about which shows really have great tension. But this show always has you on the edge of your seat. It's a wonderful period peace with writer that is top notch. It's hard not to find yourselves instanley drawn in or in love with the characters. The shows overall premise and plot are written clearly that show you how it helps them achieve their goals. It has both the look and the feel of a 80's show which is to the credit of whoever was the set designer and director. I like how the show constanley reminds you of everything that they have to helps remind you just how amazing they handle the supsense. This show will not fail to disappoint you you should watch in whenever you can and hope for the best for the two amazing leads.
  • Oh No...

    Not a show that hooks me so soon! Now I'm worried, is this going to lead to The Big Let Down?

    A, so far, top-notch spy story filled with moral ambiguities and conflicting agendas and I ask: How are these writers going to sustain our interest in Elizabeth and Phillip, Russian moles, for a whole season? Will there be a season two?

    So far, we're rooting for the couple and their family. But, without E&P realizing they're on the wrong side, how can that last? So, sorry folks, we know they have to flip. Sooner or later. And then so will the dynamics of it all. Will it be as interesting?

    But, already, I'm invested. So I say to the show's writers, don't let us down. You got yourselves, and us, into this. Please don't disappoint us...
  • Realy, realy good!

    Great script, great cast, great story. Having lived through the Cold War paranoia, remembering the real fear people felt ... I mean, we thought that would be a permanent status quo. I remember when Nixon went to China or when he finally got the Russians to sit down and talk ... You guys need to understand that, Wategate not withstanding, Nixon was a great president. Then Reagan came and we got scared again. But he knew, he knew what the Russians would respond to. Being tough!

    Hope this show gets the credit and viewers it deserves.

  • So Good

    I kept seeing previews for this show during American Horror Story and wasn't going to watch it until I saw the review on this site. I decided to watch it and am so glad I did. This is one of the better new shows this season. I love the spy drama and Keri Russell is great! I hope this series goes to good places.
  • what year was this again?

    i didn't pay attention to the intro so i didn't see that it started in the 80s and i never caught on, so when the went back to 1960 whatever i assumed i was watching what was going to be Fringe's i saw the TVs lol.

    this show seemed like it could be more gritty more feels like they are holding back in places and letting fingers up butts in other wasn't sure what to expect. but all in all a pretty good it, like follow the stupid style that other shows like walking dead and game of thrones have where it answers your questions in the leaves u with a cliff hanger at the show keeps a steady pace of suspense, drama and i like how in the back of my mind once i realised that it was in the 80s that this show doesn't need future spin offs but rather just shift into the future and have the kids in office or something... they are already dropping hints to the son that its enough to just get into Space which could have room for fan fiction which keeps most shows alive these days.
  • Americans

    I got aware of this series on this site (of course) and I was perplexed whether to watch it or not.

    Usually when a series is presented to me as "one of the best" and expectations are high I am very disappointed afterwards.

    But Not This Time! This series started of very well and I will be following it to the end if it remains at this level of awesome.

    I think there is a high propability to work out a major plot which is realistic and exciting.

    Lets give it a try
  • I wanted to choose somewhere public, because I was scared of the KGB

    U haven't seen this? Well I think you missed out. This show was well paced right from the get-going. it sounds good, it looks good, its awesome. I can feel it coming in the air 2 watch!
  • Nice Beginning to a Cold War Spy Drama

    I thought this was a great introduction for this series. The backdrop of Washington DC with Regan as president and the Cold War heating up is a great setting. The characters and their motivations seemed belaivable. The flash back scenes were well done and served to give back store and some context for the characters actions. Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys are seem to work well together on screen. Looking forward to seeing more.
  • Turn off those 'Ax Men','Kardashians','Amish Mafia' and "Pawn" Shows and Watch Something With Substance!

    Very well written,acted and staged. Tight drama and intelligently executed. The perfect balance of build up and pay off. If the pilot is any indication of the complete series,this show will be a future classic.
  • I lived this

    I loved it. Can't wait for next weeks episode. I worked in the DC area in the early 80s. I was near the white house one afternoon, when 4 convertables with suited men with Uzi's sitting on the trunks came whizzing by, I wondered why there were policemen at the intersections( they stopped all traffic) then two black limos went by, followed by some black and whites... I'm sure it was Reagan going to the Pentagon. the music is great, the show just runs over you. Great job FX!!! keep em coming. Kerry Russell all grown up.
  • love the actress

    who was in house. I hope this turns out to be a good show.
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