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  • The KGB are our enemies? IThink Not.

    Wow I have finally caught up in full with all three seasons of "The Americans" and it's the best Suspense/Drama show I have ever watched and I watch a ton of television shows. I will say this is a review for all three seasons and not just one or two of them. I will start off with the story which takes place in Washington, . during the Cold War in the 1980's. The story progresses outside of this conflict to center on a married KGB couple with children that are spies working for their Motherland Russia. I love the story because no show to my recollection has ever dived into a story like this one and least of all not centered on it. I will move onto the acting which is Superb. I mean Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell as the main protagonists are Incredible and really flesh the characters out. The other actors and actresses all do an Amazing job including Noah Emmerich as the FBI Agent. I will follow up now on the action which is in my opinion extremely scrutinized and I mean that in a great way. The action/espionage is done Masterfully as it was created by Joe Weisberg who used to be in the CIA. I believe he recreates that time period with exquisite detail. The action is not Game of Thrones violence but when it's there it's all out and running for the finish line. I will finish with the cinematography which is done flawlessly and every shot and angle is shot with a purpose. I will close by saying this is a Must See television show. I mean I can think of no other show that keeps my Heart racing every episode at what might happen next like this show does and you will not regret watching it of that I can assure you. I can't wait for Season 4.
  • Masterpiece

    The show is just amazing, no need to say anything else. Now answering to a previous review: the "extremely evil characters" its the point , if you have a high sensitivity for that kind of stuff then this show is not for yoy. And i doubt there will be such exodus as walter white was an extremely evil and selfish character but people still loved and loves the show. The main character doesnt have to be a knight in shiny armor saving ladies and puppies for a show to be good.
  • Cold War jitters

    This show has me on the edge of my seat multiple times an episode. Even the so-called "slow" episodes have enough conflict/drama to grab my attention. The family dynamic is also intriguing/tense to say the least. It's not your everyday simple, hackneyed script neither. You're not left rooting for any side in particular because it's a show that delves into the grey area of is right and that is definitely oversimplifying the great writing/acting.
  • Love it

    Really like the show keep up the good work don't believe the naysayers below it's a really awesome show good job fx.
  • Awesone!

    Best show on TV
  • Decent show for Cold War/spy movie lovers

    It's not all action and you have to focus on subtitles and terminology (and be somewhat familiar with history) but it's a decent show for those who enjoy spy stuff of the Cold War era. The show puts both sides in perspective; both Americans and Russians are shown as human beings with their own problems and feelings, aside from being brainwashed or manipulated by their governments.

    The show actually reminded me of House of Cards.
  • It's fun to be the bad guy sometimes

    Much like The Sopranos, I love how this show gets you so close to the characters and their beliefs and how they think that what they are doing is right and just that you realise you're rooting for the people who in real life are the baddies. This takes some very clever writing, great acting and relatable pressures, because otherwise we would see only the values and the poliics, the red army, the evil. Instead we are presented with humans, families, realistic people who have grown up in a harsh war-torn country that needs change, and they think they have found it, they think everything is worth creating this better world.

    So when you see these people trying to make the world a better place, it's all too easy to forget the world they want isn't the same as the one we want. It challenges our concepts and values and how we make our decisions. This challenge to our values and which side we are on can help to reinforce how lucky we are and that fighting against communism was the right move at the time.

    But ultimately, entertainment and story-teling allows us to imagine and experience events and feelings we would never have in real life, so a show like this is addictive, because sometimes, it's fun to play the "bad

    find myself routing for the KGB, love the show and all the charactors.
  • You should be watching this.

    Casting- Acting -Directing - All get an A. Great Show !
  • Good, Old Espionage

    When I first heard about The Americans, people were saying that it was FX's Homeland. I immediately gave it a pass, since Showtime's terrorist threat-hunt show gets on my nerves. A few episodes and good reviews later, I decided to give it a try - and I was pleasantly surprised. Not only is the show truly riveting and suspenseful, like a true espionage one should be, but it is a powerful drama as well. The undercover Russian spies lead a very suburban life - nice house, two kids. They are so immersed in the American way of life that the husband starts to have a change of heart: is the "enemy" as bad as they say, after all? Or are the agents from both sides just puppets in their government's hands? The Americans addresses these and other questions well. And the fact that it takes place in the 80s, during the Cold war, it gives a nice, retro touch to the universal story of loyalty and family love - and its complexities. Great acting, soundtrack and opening titles. Highly recommended. My only complaint would be the fact that the Russian spies can have an impeccable American accent even though they were born and raised in Russia. Anyone who knows about language learning is aware that this would be almost impossible. A minor flaw, however.
  • Great series

    I loved this series. I was saddened that we seemed to be a step behind the KGB at all times. I hope that wasn't the case in real life.
  • Never watched this show.

    I keep on seeing ads for the americans and paid em no mind, but i didnt realize the show is on FX.

    Fx is one of the best networks on tv. It has had the best tv series overall hands down. So i'm gonna have to watch it. The reviews here say its great but i'm not really surprised. This is should be interesting.


    Ok I watched a few episodes and this show pretty much continues that trend. I'm hooked, awesome edgy thriller , love the cold war 80's setting , interesting talented and diverse cast, great storytelling. hell its the same old thing. The Americans is excellent and FX is the best network on tv. 10 stars for the americans and fx

    rated 10 for FX
  • Not high tech, but still exciting.

    Easy to follow, many twists and turns that keeps the excitement and some killer episode endings that keeps you awake at night and counting hours until the next episode will air. Kerri is great! (Wondering why she hasn`t been in more shows. ) Was a little skeptical in watching a show taking place in the 80`s, but I was only positively amazed to see what spy kits they had that time. Will definitely follow this show till the end.
  • As good as TV series get!

    Very well done. Old technology spy techniques from the 80s done with good actors with great chemistry. For my money this is on par with The Sopranos. Gripping, you get to know the characters, you get just enough without a lot of extra drama or blubber. Each segment flies leaves you wanting for more. Keep up the good work and bring it back for many seasons to come!
  • love it

    Great show. Personally, I like it more than Homeland. Nick Brodie is a douche. Philip and Elizabeth are awesome.
  • Fascinating story and solid acting

    Provocative story line which really gets you thinking about war, enemies of the state, and what that means. Excellent performances by Keri and Matthew, who play the married couple in truly remarkable fashion. I love the constant plot twists that you don't see coming.
  • Top Notch TV

    Absolutely the BEST television show in years! There just isn't anything like it, or as good. Can't honestly say I've liked a show or looked forward to watching the next episode more ... It's just that GOOD.

    Note to staff of the show, namely the writers:

    PLEASE DON'T SCREW THIS ONE UP! Follow the plot lines, stay true to this seasons feel and methods and DON'T SWAY. You CANNOT FIX WHAT IS NOT BROKEN!

    Don't change a thing! Period. Screw what the execs say, if they or more like when they say, "this is getting stale", tell him to shove it! You're doing great, stay the course and don't go anywhere else. Where your going now and what you've been doing is nothing short of PERFECT!

    Thank you so much for such an amazing 44 minutes of my time, I truly mean it.
  • Their relationship.

    "Phillip" and "Elizabeth" complicated relationship is what I find so interesting, Elizabeth finally feels passion for Phillip but after he sleeps with his old girl friend and lies to her about it, and finds out, she just cuts him off, I hope they get back together.
  • Everyone In This Show Is A Star

    Great show. Really great show.
  • The Americans is Americazing!!

    This is one of my favorite shows. It is really good to have good shows like this on TV. Thanks BIG THUMBS UP!!

    This show is unbelievable. A spy series you can actually follow!

    My (secret agent) wife and I can't wait for the next episode everytime. I have a weakness for Pipi Longstocking characters (Yes I'm in therapy for that), but this series has a "Girl with the Dragun Tattoo" and Pipi girl power feel to it. Two great protagonists and Inspector Javert living across the street!! What a country!! Not a great series for male chauvinists.
  • Passionate acting

    This is a GREAT show! Each week leaves you in suspense wsanting more.

    This is one really great dramatic and intelligently presented plot with superb , well casted and played characters. The fast, unpredictable turns of plot make you anxious for the next week! Elizabeth, especially is devastating as she plays nice mama one minute and cold killer the next.
  • First Episode

    I just finished the first episode and I loved it.
  • Best pilot of 2013

    OMG the americans is perfection, it's been the best piolt i've seen in a long time had be sucked in from the very first episode, everything was spot on
  • What was the title of that song?

    i LOVE THIS SHOW and During the last scenes of 'GREGORY' a Byran Ferry song was used. I am a big fan but don't know the title. Can anyone help?
  • Oh No...

    Not a show that hooks me so soon! Now I'm worried, is this going to lead to The Big Let Down?

    A, so far, top-notch spy story filled with moral ambiguities and conflicting agendas and I ask: How are these writers going to sustain our interest in Elizabeth and Phillip, Russian moles, for a whole season? Will there be a season two?

    So far, we're rooting for the couple and their family. But, without E&P realizing they're on the wrong side, how can that last? So, sorry folks, we know they have to flip. Sooner or later. And then so will the dynamics of it all. Will it be as interesting?

    But, already, I'm invested. So I say to the show's writers, don't let us down. You got yourselves, and us, into this. Please don't disappoint us...
  • Realy, realy good!

    Great script, great cast, great story. Having lived through the Cold War paranoia, remembering the real fear people felt ... I mean, we thought that would be a permanent status quo. I remember when Nixon went to China or when he finally got the Russians to sit down and talk ... You guys need to understand that, Wategate not withstanding, Nixon was a great president. Then Reagan came and we got scared again. But he knew, he knew what the Russians would respond to. Being tough!

    Hope this show gets the credit and viewers it deserves.

  • Nice Beginning to a Cold War Spy Drama

    I thought this was a great introduction for this series. The backdrop of Washington DC with Regan as president and the Cold War heating up is a great setting. The characters and their motivations seemed belaivable. The flash back scenes were well done and served to give back store and some context for the characters actions. Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys are seem to work well together on screen. Looking forward to seeing more.
  • Turn off those 'Ax Men','Kardashians','Amish Mafia' and "Pawn" Shows and Watch Something With Substance!

    Very well written,acted and staged. Tight drama and intelligently executed. The perfect balance of build up and pay off. If the pilot is any indication of the complete series,this show will be a future classic.
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