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  • this show sucks

    nothing to like a bout this show
  • Confusion over who the bad guys really are

    I'm upset when I read that supposedly loyal Americans are actually rooting

    for the 2 evil enemy agents, Phillip and Elizabeth Jennings. Remember that they

    are in this country to serve their Kremlin masters and undermine our way of life. Phillip

    killed an FBI agent (Amador) and Elizabeth murdered a neighborhood watch policeman

    in cold blood. They threatened the lives of both the maid's son and a warehouse

    worker and are using their own children as innocent cover for their nefarious

    activities. I realize that this is just tv drama but I hope that, in the end of the

    series, Phillip and Elizabeth meet a very unpleasant end.
  • Wasted Potential

    This shows great premise is completely squandered by the poor, incoherent writing. Somehow they've managed to blow a great love story between two likeable leads within the first several episodes and it continues to devolve into a soapy mess.

    This show even manages to make sex uninteresting.

    What a shame.
  • Watcable

    Although not a revolotionary plot, it's watchable with good characters. But the sound mixing is nothing but terrible!
  • Who's not to like? - Everyone (almost).

    I guess all this fascination with this series has a lot to do with being American. Even though I can appreciate the craftsmanship in the writing, directing and acting of it, and even though I appreciate the historical context being woven into the action, I must say that I am quite disappointed about the main characters' "vibes": there is hardly anyone to like (or even to hate, for that matter). The acting is fine, I guess (and I am especially fond of Nina, Stan Beeman and Claudia - but the leads are still somehow dull and robotic, even. - But maybe that's what life as a spy inmidst enemy territory does to you.
  • what is wrong with this show?

    I've tried to like this show, but there is something not right about it. I thought after three episodes I should have been hooked - I wanted to be hooked, but I found myself trying too hard to make it work. Something disingenuous about it, can't put my finger on it. Production value is good, direction is good, acting isn't bad, it's when you assemble the whole package, just doesn't work.
  • Disappointing

    This show should have been great. But unlikable characters and shoddily composed story lines have caused it to fall far short of its promising potential. I love a good anti-hero story, but I simply could not bring myself to root for Elizabeth and Philip. Elizabeth, a supposedly brilliant secret agent, is blinded by her own brainwashed upbringing/training to the point of annoyance. She refuses, for instance, to let her daughter go to church camp because "that's how they get indoctrinate them when they're young"-- does she seriously not pause for a moment to contemplate how old SHE was indoctrinated? Really? The story lines are imbued with a darkness reminiscent of a Breaking Bad or Fargo, but without any of the redeeming qualities that would render the show worth watching.
  • Classic and Amazing!

    Actors acting is nice, i like these kind of classic spy dramas. Its interesting to watch, the dialogues and one of the best. After Homeland, this is what i have been watching!

    I expected more from this show but it's still sometimes awesome.

  • Their relationship.

    "Phillip" and "Elizabeth" complicated relationship is what I find so interesting, Elizabeth finally feels passion for Phillip but after he sleeps with his old girl friend and lies to her about it, and finds out, she just cuts him off, I hope they get back together.
  • Writer's need a pill!

    I really like the show and have been watching since day one. Sometimes the writing is too obvious when you know whats going to happen ahead of time when Keri and Matt's character are taken and beating up in a basement. Seen that a mile away! Besides thinking about that time when all clandestine Russians must have rank, so when Keri beats up her boss, its like a captain beating up a colonel or major and that just does not go away.

    My wife watches too and her only problem is why the FBI guy who may be a great character, but is really ugly for him to have a young gorgeous wife and in the last episode fools around with the beautiful Russian. C'mon, he doesn't have the looks, personality or NOTHING!!. My wife says if she was the Russian, with not only fooling around with her old boss and now the FBI guy, she is definitely better in the GULAG!

  • what year was this again?

    i didn't pay attention to the intro so i didn't see that it started in the 80s and i never caught on, so when the went back to 1960 whatever i assumed i was watching what was going to be Fringe's i saw the TVs lol.

    this show seemed like it could be more gritty more feels like they are holding back in places and letting fingers up butts in other wasn't sure what to expect. but all in all a pretty good it, like follow the stupid style that other shows like walking dead and game of thrones have where it answers your questions in the leaves u with a cliff hanger at the show keeps a steady pace of suspense, drama and i like how in the back of my mind once i realised that it was in the 80s that this show doesn't need future spin offs but rather just shift into the future and have the kids in office or something... they are already dropping hints to the son that its enough to just get into Space which could have room for fan fiction which keeps most shows alive these days.

    find myself routing for the KGB, love the show and all the charactors.
  • Great series

    I loved this series. I was saddened that we seemed to be a step behind the KGB at all times. I hope that wasn't the case in real life.
  • Never watched this show.

    I keep on seeing ads for the americans and paid em no mind, but i didnt realize the show is on FX.

    Fx is one of the best networks on tv. It has had the best tv series overall hands down. So i'm gonna have to watch it. The reviews here say its great but i'm not really surprised. This is should be interesting.


    Ok I watched a few episodes and this show pretty much continues that trend. I'm hooked, awesome edgy thriller , love the cold war 80's setting , interesting talented and diverse cast, great storytelling. hell its the same old thing. The Americans is excellent and FX is the best network on tv. 10 stars for the americans and fx

    rated 10 for FX
  • Not high tech, but still exciting.

    Easy to follow, many twists and turns that keeps the excitement and some killer episode endings that keeps you awake at night and counting hours until the next episode will air. Kerri is great! (Wondering why she hasn`t been in more shows. ) Was a little skeptical in watching a show taking place in the 80`s, but I was only positively amazed to see what spy kits they had that time. Will definitely follow this show till the end.
  • Fascinating story and solid acting

    Provocative story line which really gets you thinking about war, enemies of the state, and what that means. Excellent performances by Keri and Matthew, who play the married couple in truly remarkable fashion. I love the constant plot twists that you don't see coming.
  • It has turned into a SOAP OPERA

    I had high hopes after the first few episodes. However, as is increasingly prevalent, writers get lazy and, when they can't think of any REAL plot lines, resort to the simpering, whiney, oh-so-emotional soap opera shit.

    Grow up ....... get off your butts ....... write something INTERESTING.

    Stop wasting some great actors.
  • This is a great quality show

    I just came on to take the trouble to say this is a a great show. Intelligent and realistic. Kudos to the writers and all involved. Dont screw this one up and make sure there will be more seasons. Notwithstanding some valid points made by Howard Berger below in comments. Still a great show.
  • I am totally in love with this serie

    It's kinda freak how much I love Elizabeth and Philip because what they do is not right. But the FBI is no saint either. And I think this is the whole point of it: wanting that the FBI destroy the enemy but not wanting it at the same time! I am a great fan of Matthew Rhys and he's amazing!
  • Long may it wave

    I really like this show and have enjoyed every episode so far. Love Rhys -- he was wasted in "Brothers and Sisters," a mush of sentimentality that wasted the talent of wonderful Rachel Griffiths and everyone else involved. I also like Keri Russell. There is a lot to be quarried from this story-- but I can't find out whether there were spies from Russia in real life in the 80s in Washington and all over the US. I understand there was a spy scandal recently, but how accurate is "The Americans?"

    In any case, I love it, and would like to see it go on for as long as it can.
  • Brilliant...

    One of the best shows on tv. today ! Great script and wonderfull characters :)
  • Great show - story, acting, staging, editing all superlative.

    Truly impressed with this show from the authentic early 80s cold war feel and scenery to the high caliber acting top to bottom through the cast. I loved - LOVED - the setting of the pilot to Tusk by Fleetwood Mac and the wrap of the last episode to Games Without Frontiers by Peter Gabriel - that was some serious editing GENIOUS you just don't see on TV very often anymore. Really looking forward to S2.
  • Everyone In This Show Is A Star

    Great show. Really great show.
  • Don't look it up on IMDB unless you like spoilers.

    It tells you how many episodes each actor is in, and from that you can deduce how long each character survives in the world of The Americans.

    I'd be really happy if someone wrote a long thoughtful review for comment.
  • Interesting

    The Americans an espionage during the cold war is a refreshing show with good writing and direction from the show runners. its the 80's 24 and its funny to see how they struggle with lack of technology back then. The pacing of the show is great and a bit believable, the get potential but must improve certain aspects like how the KGB gets a field day on American soil with not much interference and i will like to see more struggles for Phil and Elizabeth in their operations than the smooth passage every episode.
  • love the actress

    who was in house. I hope this turns out to be a good show.
  • Margo Martindale(Claudia) never got clobbered like that.....

    in her role as Mags in Justified Elizabeth would have been swallowing some of Mags elixir in a hurry had she tried such a thing over there.

    Best TV show in forever.

  • really good show

    In fact, it's my stand-in favorite now that Justified and Walking Dead are on intermission. Kinda like The Sapranos but with Borscht and vodka
  • Some people will have fundamental problems with this show...

    For anyone over the age of 35 that grew up in America, this show poses a moral dilemma.

    Having grown up during the cold war, the true Red vs Blue, . Joe, full scale propaganda machine version of the USA, when nationalism and patriotism was at its height and few questioned "America" the ideal, watching this show was difficult at first because the main characters are our sworn enemy.

    The very thought of rooting for Russian spies made me question my own beliefs and, more so, the state of a USA where it was no okay to produce such a show. As such, the 2nd episode was particularly difficult to watch. The third was almost as disturbing.

    Well, those feelings have not completely dissipated but I must say that, beyond the fine acting, writing, and directing, this show is definitely intriguing because it takes a look at our childhood from a perspective that most of us will have never considered.

    With the "bad guy" is the main character, the "good guys" always a step behind, and the audience left not sure for whom they are supposed to root, I have decided to open up to this "what if" alternate reality look at America to see where this show is trying to go.

    And for the record, Annet Mahendru is one of the most beautiful women ever to step in front of a camera!
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