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  • Turn off those 'Ax Men','Kardashians','Amish Mafia' and "Pawn" Shows and Watch Something With Substance!

    Very well written,acted and staged. Tight drama and intelligently executed. The perfect balance of build up and pay off. If the pilot is any indication of the complete series,this show will be a future classic.
  • Just amazing show in general

    There are few shows that can handle tension this amazingly. Many people will argue about which shows really have great tension. But this show always has you on the edge of your seat. It's a wonderful period peace with writer that is top notch. It's hard not to find yourselves instanley drawn in or in love with the characters. The shows overall premise and plot are written clearly that show you how it helps them achieve their goals. It has both the look and the feel of a 80's show which is to the credit of whoever was the set designer and director. I like how the show constanley reminds you of everything that they have to helps remind you just how amazing they handle the supsense. This show will not fail to disappoint you you should watch in whenever you can and hope for the best for the two amazing leads.
  • Interesting view

    Very nice show, the spy couple are amazing with their doubt and loyalty to their country and family. It is good to be back in the 80's.
  • Americans

    I got aware of this series on this site (of course) and I was perplexed whether to watch it or not.

    Usually when a series is presented to me as "one of the best" and expectations are high I am very disappointed afterwards.

    But Not This Time! This series started of very well and I will be following it to the end if it remains at this level of awesome.

    I think there is a high propability to work out a major plot which is realistic and exciting.

    Lets give it a try
  • I wanted to choose somewhere public, because I was scared of the KGB

    U haven't seen this? Well I think you missed out. This show was well paced right from the get-going. it sounds good, it looks good, its awesome. I can feel it coming in the air 2 watch!
  • As good as TV series get!

    Very well done. Old technology spy techniques from the 80s done with good actors with great chemistry. For my money this is on par with The Sopranos. Gripping, you get to know the characters, you get just enough without a lot of extra drama or blubber. Each segment flies leaves you wanting for more. Keep up the good work and bring it back for many seasons to come!
  • Best pilot of 2013

    OMG the americans is perfection, it's been the best piolt i've seen in a long time had be sucked in from the very first episode, everything was spot on
  • Great Tv

    Great Writing and the acting does the writing justice.

  • the americans

    really like it something different well written
  • Always the same...

    I really enjoy the drama of the show. But I am getting bored, after an entire season and into this one, week after week; every mission the Russians run seems to work out. As for the FBI and the Americans, they're always screwing up. The most pathetic part is, every American citizen is a sell out for sex. Have sex with a guy and he's prepared to commit treason. I wonder how the Russians managed to lose the cold war with so many sex crazed Americans with Top Secret clearances ready to give up secrets for some bedroom action.
  • What was the title of that song?

    i LOVE THIS SHOW and During the last scenes of 'GREGORY' a Byran Ferry song was used. I am a big fan but don't know the title. Can anyone help?
  • Oh No...

    Not a show that hooks me so soon! Now I'm worried, is this going to lead to The Big Let Down?

    A, so far, top-notch spy story filled with moral ambiguities and conflicting agendas and I ask: How are these writers going to sustain our interest in Elizabeth and Phillip, Russian moles, for a whole season? Will there be a season two?

    So far, we're rooting for the couple and their family. But, without E&P realizing they're on the wrong side, how can that last? So, sorry folks, we know they have to flip. Sooner or later. And then so will the dynamics of it all. Will it be as interesting?

    But, already, I'm invested. So I say to the show's writers, don't let us down. You got yourselves, and us, into this. Please don't disappoint us...
  • I spy with my little eye..

    Really looking forward for the episodes still to come and seeing if they can keep up the tension that has been on the air so far. I love the 80's spy stuff that the two of our favorite comrades are pulling off with their retro spying gear (especially Phillips disguises :D ). A great show so far and potentially one of the best tv -shows of 2013!
  • Very Good Show :)

    It really feels like 1980s even the choice in actors somehow. I like how the couple isn't equally patriotic about Russia/Communism. Lotsa tensions coming on, i am sure of it ...
  • Entertaining

    Another good program from FX Canada. Needed something to fill in the void after season 3 of the Walking Dead.

    Watched the pilot -- what hooked me was the action started right away with Fleetwood Macks Tusk playing in the background.

    I like the strory line but they need to pick up more of the physical action & kills -- and less of the whoring around with all these characters -- never knew spys had so much sex while at work .

    Sort of reminds me of Arrow -- started out great but gets watered down once you pry too deep with the characters love life.

    Would not go as far as saying it's the "best show in years" just an above average entertaing program that is worth a look.
  • Downhill?

    I really liked the pilot for this show. But since then it has gone downhill. It has become (to me) very boring and dull. Am i missing something when I fall asleep?
  • You should be watching this.

    Casting- Acting -Directing - All get an A. Great Show !
  • love it

    Great show. Personally, I like it more than Homeland. Nick Brodie is a douche. Philip and Elizabeth are awesome.
  • The Americans is Americazing!!

    This is one of my favorite shows. It is really good to have good shows like this on TV. Thanks BIG THUMBS UP!!

    This is one really great dramatic and intelligently presented plot with superb , well casted and played characters. The fast, unpredictable turns of plot make you anxious for the next week! Elizabeth, especially is devastating as she plays nice mama one minute and cold killer the next.
  • First Episode

    I just finished the first episode and I loved it.
  • Realy, realy good!

    Great script, great cast, great story. Having lived through the Cold War paranoia, remembering the real fear people felt ... I mean, we thought that would be a permanent status quo. I remember when Nixon went to China or when he finally got the Russians to sit down and talk ... You guys need to understand that, Wategate not withstanding, Nixon was a great president. Then Reagan came and we got scared again. But he knew, he knew what the Russians would respond to. Being tough!

    Hope this show gets the credit and viewers it deserves.

  • I lived this

    I loved it. Can't wait for next weeks episode. I worked in the DC area in the early 80s. I was near the white house one afternoon, when 4 convertables with suited men with Uzi's sitting on the trunks came whizzing by, I wondered why there were policemen at the intersections( they stopped all traffic) then two black limos went by, followed by some black and whites... I'm sure it was Reagan going to the Pentagon. the music is great, the show just runs over you. Great job FX!!! keep em coming. Kerry Russell all grown up.
  • Great Series so far s01e09

    NO spoilers but this has so far been a fantastic series. Me and Wife are really enjoying this, great to see the turmoils of the cold/revolutionary wars and what tactics had to be done in an era with no smartphones.

    Gotta catch up to ep 13 now.
  • Game of Thrones for the 80s

    Solid thriller that rests in an era in which the URSS was America's Al Qaeda, not-so-sleeper agents "Phillip" and "Elizabeth" balance their arranged marriage and their career as KGB officers. With no one to rely on but each other, they immerse in and out of their role as parents, colleages and spouses as they try to make sense of their life together, protect their children from the sexual predators roaming in the 80s, and survive what is perhaps the biggest threat since they moved in to the neighborhood: an FBI agent.
  • Great Series

    Has the feel of real Spy stuff. "The Spy Who Came in from the Cold" or "Three Days of the Condor".

    There are others.

    The Americans has very few car chases - or explosions. Spy work must avoid attention.

    Argo - the recent movie - is another example.

    I love them all. Thanks FX !

  • So Good

    I kept seeing previews for this show during American Horror Story and wasn't going to watch it until I saw the review on this site. I decided to watch it and am so glad I did. This is one of the better new shows this season. I love the spy drama and Keri Russell is great! I hope this series goes to good places.
  • Best Since 24

    I thought this show would be interesting so DVR'd the first episode and man, I was HOOKED from the pilot! I love the characters, plots, sets, conflicting emotions/loyalty... the whole 9 yards! Russell and Rhys are great in their roles and I find myself oddly rooting for them and their marriage - even though they're the enemy. Weird. You can see Rhys' character clearly loves Russell. I love how Rhys' character killed the guy in the pilot episode after he realized the scum had raped Russell's character during her training. The show has enough action/sexuality to keep it from being boring but it's not over the top like a lot of shows. I haven't been hooked on a show like this since 24!
  • Thrilling

    A true spy thriller! Great to watch! Great acting and actors!
  • Spy's have painful sex and men have good Disguise's

    Highlight of this show is how well the disguise's work on Matthew Rhys our male lead. He looks like a totally different person every time. There are so many different looks it's amazing.

    This show is pretty good once it got past the first two episodes, but at times it still can be slightly hard to follow. You really have to pay attention, this show you will have to sit down to watch and do nothing else; I like that. Things always make since by episode end but a few times I was like "What is happening?" It moves really fast and is exciting during action scenes that look and feel realistic. Dialogue is very well written and intense. One thing that made me rate it a seven is because the sex scenes are horrible and there are too many of them. Every character seems to be in pain during these scenes, thank god they are short. There are few instances where they improperly have 90's references in a show that's supposed to be set in the 80's. I'll continue to watch it, I recommend it hoping they fix some of these issues in season 2.
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