The Americans

Season 1 Episode 9

Safe House

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 03, 2013 on FX

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  • A big step in the right direction!

    Things have generally been eventuating quite slowly in past weeks (with some exceptions) but developments were much more outstanding and forthcoming in this episode, in which the storyline made significant advances.

    The ending was great. But also the storyline right throughout the whole episode was great!

    I don't want to spoil it but there were some real interesting scenes!

    If they continue moving in this direction, the show will eventually arrive at a really good place!
  • Safe House

    The ending may have been a bit shocking, and without spoiling it for anyone, I will say that I did not exactly mind the result of what happened. A bit of a surprise, and I applaud the show for doing something unexpected, but the overall quality still needs to improve.