The Americans

Season 1 Episode 13

The Colonel

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 01, 2013 on FX
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    The Americans Season 1 Finale Review: Looks Like We Made It

    "The Colonel" was a solid season finale that expertly represented a show both similar to and far different from the one introduced in the pilot.

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    Elizabeth and Philip meet with the eponymous colonel, even though they suspect a trap. Meanwhile at the FBI, Stan's draws ever closed to his neighbors' true identities.

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    • Pretty good.

      This was a pretty good season finale with some intense actions and great scenes on multiple frontiers.

      I loved the suspense throughout the episode, making it one of the best ones we have had so far.

      What I didn't like was a lack of a genuine cliffhanger at the end. I wish Paige found something or something else suspenseful occurred.

      Other than that, terrific episode! Looking forward to the next season!moreless
    • Crazy good

      Sorry thefanof, I totally disagree. I root for them 100% percent, which is just another reason this show is so genius. It's an incredible guilty pleasure.
    • The Colonel

      The season finale was solid, but the problem this show faces is that we do not exactly root for them to get out of trouble. It is not like Dexter where despite being a murderer we saw justice in his actions and want him to evade police enforcement. These are Russian terrorists on US soil, as an American I can't support them. The drama is lacking not only in that regard, but also considering we know they are not getting caught in Season 1.moreless
    • If Looks Could Kill, They Probably Will..

      Fucking Amazing. The best season one ever. No filler, thrilling and intriguing, episode after episode.

      Well casted, well scripted, well played.
    Tim Hopper

    Tim Hopper

    Sanford Prince

    Guest Star

    Victor Slezak

    Victor Slezak

    Colonel Rennhull

    Guest Star

    Paul Fitzgerald

    Paul Fitzgerald

    Richard Patterson

    Guest Star

    Daniel Flaherty

    Daniel Flaherty

    Matthew Beeman

    Recurring Role

    Anthony Arkin

    Anthony Arkin


    Recurring Role

    Aaron Roman Weiner

    Aaron Roman Weiner

    Agent Brooks

    Recurring Role

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    • TRIVIA (4)

      • After the surgery, Elizabeth whispers something which is most likely vernis k nam (вернись к нам), which literally means "come back to us". As many Russian phrases are not translated literally in this and most multi-language shows, it's subtitled as "come home", which is fine, it gets the meaning of the phrase across.

      • Blooper. When the doctor is operating on Elizabeth he and Plillip are wearing blue nitrile surgical glove that weren't invented till 1990 9 years after the time this is set in.

      • Elizabeth's Russian name is Nadezhda.

      • Music
        Games Without Frontiers by Peter Gabriel (at the end)

    • QUOTES (4)

      • Claudia: I told them they're in danger of losing you. And whether you see it or not, I'm right.
        Elizabeth: I'm surprised they gave you this job. I mean, you have no understanding of people at all.
        Claudia: I know you better than you know yourself. And you don't know me at all.

      • Claudia: You won't be able to move for twenty minutes. Which is ten minutes longer than you have left.

      • Arkady: If you're wrong, we'd be giving up the greatest intelligence success since we got the atom bomb.
        Claudia: That's what we always say, right before our people die for nothing. The next thing we always say is"it was so obvious".

      • Vadim: I've never seen an abort signal on the side of a car.
        Arkady: I just made it up.

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