The Americans

Season 1 Episode 7

Duty and Honor


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Trying to put their distrust aside, Elizabeth attempts to re-assert control over one of her agents and Philip is reunited with a woman from his past.

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Mar 14, 2013
i wish we knew if these stories are in some true. if they are and it seems like they need to at least at their core be based in truth. then we have people here fight ing for nothing as i already said,but more than that behaving in ways that are hard to believe...the terroists of today have faith,it is very powerful. and of cousre many are so young and afraid. maybe these people are too..imagine knowing you are mtg the man you loved and have a son with and he is going to beat you to a bloody pulp needing hospitalization FOR??? the motherland? you are a killer,prostitute,liar,anything but yourself if you know who that is. on one hand they have to be weak of mind in order to believe,full of fear and able to at least act as sociopaths so very strong in people they know are good...but we really don't know what their motivation we? it makes sense that they need each is the only thing they can maybe make real...and as for our side...well we know why we care it is obvious,but we look so least for now...we know that will change also...very compelling and so well obviously has me thinking...moreless

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