The Americans

Season 1 Episode 4

In Control


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An assassination attempt on President Reagan causes chaos in both the FBI and KGB. Stan puts pressure on his new spy to find out if the Soviets were responsible.

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Feb 21, 2013
if we were not concerned about the soviets and i quess we were not? it seems that if any of this is acurate(i don't mean specifics,but that there were spies here killing people)then there must be some cold cases tied to them or innocent people in prision or both because of it. i tried to find out where these stories were comming from but could not find anything...NOW this show is superb in every way but why if she(embassy gal)was so worried that FBI guy was followed she or he would not bring up the possibilty that SHE WAS FOLLOWED...i hate obvious slaps in the audience face that we won't get this f up like this one was!!! we get the obvious slip ups...or am i the only one...i doubt it...i am impressed with however the conflict between the husban d and wife...there conflict bring about a discussion otherwise impossible of the differances between the 2 countries and how he sees and she does not see some of the truths... t will be intersting to find out wht it is not the other way around etc...moreless
Feb 22, 2013
I thought when Stan walked by her (after he left the bar) that was the signal that she may have been followed.. he saw the car behind her, was waiting for info via radio from Amador (didn't hear anything so had to make a judgement call) so indicated with his eyes to Nina that may be someone following her. All she can do is got to the bar and 'scope' out the mood/'spy' as she told her boss. If she did anything else it would be a giant red flag to her boss when her tail reported back.
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