The Americans

Season 1 Episode 8

Mutually Assured Destruction


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Philip and his wife find that they are racing against their FBI neighbor when tasked with preventing the assassinations of top US scientists. Meanwhile, Elizabeth is shocked by Claudia's revelationsconcerning Philip and Irina.

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Mar 21, 2013
i always wonder how suposedly happily(as in nothing horrific going on)married men or women can look across the table at their own flesh and blood,all that should matter and the spouse they share that with,while screwing somebody to make themselves feel better and actually rationalize that circumstances made them do mommy russia,however can't make up her mind if she wants a hubby or not...when she feels romantic,i feel for you now like never b/4;then tonite our lie/life was fake, then real,but since you loved 20 yrs ago we are off again...but if we are working we screw like bunny's...the moratlity is so scewed. how they know which end is up i don't know. our fbi guy, he is just dumb, too bad..he thinks this is do you get to where he is and still be so naive...and this says nothing about how they are willing to ruin others lives for something they are at best uncertain of(the russians)at least fbi guy knows what is is "fighting"for ...and as a series very compelling because they have to have implicite trust to pull of these assignments...and then there are the children..why is it that we(adults) are always so selfish that we can so easily forget about the children..i can think back;were we really that resilent?moreless
Apr 07, 2013
Spending a few sessions with a Therapist or Counselor might help with those questions as this is only a T.V. show.

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