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  • The Civil War seen through the eyes of two brothers: one fighting for the North and one for the South.

    A very ambitous show about the Civil War, maybe too ambitous. Two brothers fight on opposite sides. The story evolved from episode to episode as the brothers advance in experience and rank. This was very innovative for 1961 where each episode was always unrelated to any other (even in shows like "The Fugitive" or "Coronet Blue".) Dick Davalous played the more emotional brother fighting for the South. Davalous had starred as James Dean's "good" brother in Kazan's "East of Eden". Former child actor Darryll Hickman played the more level headed brother who fought for the North. Both were fine actors with star potential. Powerhouse guest stars included Lee Marvin, Brian Keith, James Franciscus, Robert Redford, Michael Rennie, Kathleen Crowley, and Robert Culp. In the last episode the two brothers should have met in battle and killed each other. This show was a noble failure.
  • Flawed hopelessly, but I loved it!

    Yes, it was flawed up one side and down the other historically, but as a 9 year old kid, I loved it.Though it only lasted one season ( I think it lasted that long) I still like it and thought the acting as as good as it could be for the time, and wouldn't ming seeint it brought back, at least for one more showing.
    It's biggst mistake, though I didn't know it at the time, was that the rifles they used were 1870 Trapdoor Springfields, and the show was set in 1860, making the rifles existing 10 years before they were even invented. Of course, I wouldn't know this for 30 years, and loved the show anyway. The acting, as I mentioned, is dated, but for the time, wasn't bad and I'd like to see it one more time.