The Ananda Lewis Show

(ended 2002)


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  • A mediocre talk show where the odds were against it from the start. With television already inundated with opinionated talk shows the last thing we needed was another point of view flooding our plasma screens – yet we got it, and its name w

    In an overpopulated talk show market, The Ananda Lewis Show slipped in and out of TV Land before the ink dried on the TV Guide’s displaying the talk show’s time slot. The show didn’t truly have a chance to survive and its still quite foggy to the mind why by some sheer notion, some network exec tried to induce the idea onto viewers and fans.

    Clearly the host of the same name had the credentials and personality to hold the attention of viewers for a sixty-minute spell, but even the most alluring personality might find the duty of entertainment a stretch if the subject matter is lacking.

    With a pace so torpid at times and subject matter that hovered around uninspired and dull, it’s no surprise if you found yourself questioning how a talent such as Ms. Lewis allowed herself to get stapled into such a lackadaisical situation.

    Its unfortunate Ananda Lewis couldn’t do much to liven the talk show, which was doomed before its birth. Perhaps in another time frame, and another slot the show might have had a chance to survive. But in a world where talk shows are as prevalent as finding candy in a dollar store – this was simply the wrong move to make. Better luck next time Ananda.