The Andy Dick Show

MTV - Music Television (ended 2002)


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  • Pestimistic and self-loathing humor proved The Andy Dick Show to be ahead of it's time.

    It's unfortunate that certain shows never get the recognition they deserve and much is to be said about that for The Andy Dick Show.

    Sarcastic, witty, and self-loathing; Andy Dick truly had a great talent for coming up with original sketches where he would show various sides of his personality. I truly believed that if Andy Dick and his writers had a more blatant mocking tone to their show, like Family Guy, it would've been a hit. However, I like the original product better because it make the viewer think about the overall humor while hitting them with a few seemingly childish fart-joke comedy cover up, which I enjoy any way. Example: The "Anus and Andy" sketch. Haha!

    Hilarious. Please make a DVD of this show.
  • Actor/comedian Andy Dick has a sketch comedy show. Sense of humor needed.

    This show was an all time favorite. it is one of the best shows ever. If you do not like the show, chances are you are nobody really likes you because you lack a sense of humor. Andy Dick puts on so many different forms in this show. The show has it's ups and downs but the ups make up for the downs. Sadly enough there was never a DVD put out. Point.. The Andy Dick Show was one of the funniest shows ever. Period.