The Andy Griffith Show

Season 8 Episode 29

A Girl for Goober

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Mar 25, 1968 on CBS

Episode Recap

This is the last "regular" episode of TAGS (The Andy Griffith Show). It featured an organization called Scientific Introductions Inc. which seemingly is based in the the big city of Mt. Pilot! The two people who appear to run the organization decide to test the idea in a small town and advertise in the Mayberry newspaper. Sam Jones (Ken Berry) sees the ad and brings it to Andy's attention as a possible outlet for Goober (George Lindsey). Goober tries to not act interested by saying that things like computer dating are for people who can't meet people any other way because they never have anything to talk about. He states that this isn't a problem with him because he always can talk about their tire pressure and radiators. Well, he decides to respond and using his simplistic view of things comes across as something of a bookish art critic by his answers (he reads 30 books per month (comic books), enjoys sports (bowling & pool) and loves to paint!). He gets matched up with the female part of the organization, Edith Gibson (Nancy Malone), a woman who is obviously well-schooled and interested in the visual amd intellectual arts. They agree to meet at Mirelli's (an Italian place half-way between Mayberry and Mt. Pilot that has never been raided!). The truth about Goober is soon revealed and the show winds up with Edith realizing that her desires for companionship are based too much on what someone does instead of who someone is.
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