The Andy Griffith Show

Season 8 Episode 29

A Girl for Goober

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Mar 25, 1968 on CBS

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  • Yeah - It Was Time To Let Go

    Oh so many of the final season's episodes ranged from weird to just painful. This one falls somewhere near the latter. This episode is really just a computer era rehash of season five's "A Girl for Goober." This episode if full of awkward, poorly written moments yet has some potential but ultimately goes nowhere and is just ends. It's really sad that writers and producers didn't make any real efforts to conclude a series back in those days. They just kept the status quo as best they could and when the series didn't show up in next season's line up you knew it was gone. Instead of wrapping up the series we get stuff like this, a lot of rehash and filler, forgettable stuff. Look close for an almost unrecognizable Maggie Peterson, best known for her portrayal of Charlene Darling Wash, the frisky and fair haired daughter of the Darling family, other than that, don't bother with this one!
  • Computer dating

    I think this episode is quite endearing--not necessarily "funny" per se..but very interesting on a human level. George Lindsay is such an interesting and underrated actor. His Goober is simple without being stupid--and he has such a huge heart that one cannot help but love him. His search for a girl is bittersweet--and we watch him try so hard to be someone he is not--and in the end, when we see him trying to read Aristotle after the girl has said goodbye, we are rooting for him. The final scene with Goober and the girl singing with Andy and Sam and their girlfriends cannot help but bring a smile to your lips.
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