The Andy Griffith Show

Season 7 Episode 18

A Visit to Barney Fife

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Jan 16, 1967 on CBS

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  • Always good chemistry..

    I do agee that perhaps the script was a bit weak, but good or bad script, it's just entertaining to sit and watch Andy and Don knock it out..
  • Andy visits Barney in Raleigh and helps Barney save his job by catching a gang that's been robbing grocery stores.

    There are a lot of writing flaws in this episode as other writers have pointed out. However, the chemistry between Griffith and Knotts outweigh the plot flaws.
    There's some real heart in this as Barney tries to get Andy to apply for the opening in the Raleigh police force not knowing its HIS job that's opening. Knowing what may be coming for Barney, Andy reminds him that his job in Mayberry is still open and he'd love to have him back. Then its old times as usual as Andy sets up a trap for the family Barney is rooming with and manages to catch them red-handed while throwing the credit to Barney.
  • Detective Fife at your service...

    It's so wonderful to see Barney that we can forgive the poorer quality of this script. The episode lacks a little "oomph". The serious turn this episode takes (about Barney losing his job) takes away some of the lightness and comedy out of this episode. It's hard to feel sorry for Barney and laugh at the same time (at least it was for me). All in all, though, a very good episode and one that has to be seen by all Barney fans!
  • Poor Barney. The writers won\\\'t ever let him grow.

    One of the greatest television series ever had a serious flaw. The writers never allowed the Barney character to grow. We wondered what happened to him after he left Mayberry. It turns out that nothing has changed. He\\\'s still every bit as incompetent as ever.

    In this episode, Andy comes to Raleigh to see Barney. He\\\'s in the detective\\\'s office. There is hope that his career has taken off. Andy enters the office to find Barney painting the wall. We see him fetching paper towels and coffee. Nobody likes him. We later learn that he\\\'s on the edge of losing his job. It\\\'s all very sad.

    The show ends exactly the same as any number of shows where Andy solves the crime and hands the glory over to Barney.

    How much better if Barney could have evolved, especially after leaving Mayberry. Instead, he remains a tragic figure.