The Andy Griffith Show

Season 1 Episode 28

Andy Forecloses

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Apr 24, 1961 on CBS

Episode Recap

Old Ben Weaver, Mayberry's meanest miser, is at it again. He shows up at the courthouse one day and informs Andy that he's foreclosing on the Scoby's, a local down on their luck family, who is behind on their mortgage payments. Despite Andy's request that Ben give the Scoby's more time or have a little compassion on the family, Ben insists that Andy do his duty and kick them out. A little later Andy goes to see Lester Scoby and his family. Andy finds out the Lester is working hard to try to make ends meet and has never been late on a payment before. Realizing that Lester is doing all he can do to provide for his family, Andy and Barney come up with the rent money. However, when they try to give it to Ben, Ben informs them that because Lester missed the payment, the entire balance of the property is due, nearly $2,000! Determined not to let Ben Weaver win or to see the Scoby's kicked out into the street Andy, Barney, and Aunt Bee do their best to try to raise the money. In order to give them more time, Andy figures out a way to stall the foreclosure process. But, when they come up short, Andy has no choice but to do his duty. As he's contemplating the unpleasant task before him Andy realizes that Ben may not realize just how much trauma he's putting the Scoby's through, that even Old Ben can't be that nasty. Andy concludes that if Ben really saw just how mean he was acting, he would have second thoughts. The next day Andy and Ben show up at the Scoby house. Andy barges in and starts demanding the Scoby's clear out immediately. He orders the Scoby's to take what they can get out! When Lester tries to remove the brackets holding an antique hutch to the wall, Andy demands that he leave it, that attached property becomes the property of the owner, Ben Weaver. As Mrs. Scoby breaks down into tears, Ben Weaver begins to see just how harsh the situation is for the Scoby's and tears up the foreclosure notice, letting the Scoby's stay in their home.