The Andy Griffith Show

Season 8 Episode 11

Andy's Investment

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Nov 20, 1967 on CBS

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  • Andy's Investment

    Great episode! But what was the song Andy was humming on the porch with Helen and Aunt bee?
  • Some sitcom character gets in over his head moonlighting a second job.

    My low score for this episode is not due to any technical deficiencies, other than an almost complete lack of humor on a supposed comedy show. In fact, it's an almost perfect Generic Sitcom Episode; as such, it would rate a 5.0, because the highest goal of generic writing is to be average. But this simply isn't an Andy Griffith Show episode. There is absolutely nothing in it that requires or makes use of the unique characteristics of the citizens or town of Mayberry. The obvious non-North Carolinian who shows the store to Andy and the gruffly urban Ken Lynch seem deliberately included to remind us that we ain't in Mayberry in this episode.

    If you allow for a generic need for extra money, virtually any sitcom character could milk a canned laugh out of running a Laundercoin. Instead or driving Munson's cab for extra cash, Archie Bunker could do it. Instead of working at a shipyard, Herman and/or Lily Munster could do it. Vinton Harper, Al Bundy, and Lucy Carmichael would all be perfect for the job. This doesn't even have to be a sitcom episode; it could exist within a drama show that uses moments of mild humor. And you still want a guy with a badge running the laundry? Bill Gannon, John Gage, or Frank Poncharello could all fill Andy's role without missing a beat.

    Actually, Andy could have saved himself all the trouble of the Laundercoin just by waiting 2 weeks. Opie is 13 in this episode; his career plans shouldn't last more than a couple of weeks, and the idea that ultra-pragmatic Andy would expect anything more --and go to desperate lengths out of those expectations-- seems a little naive.
  • In order to make money to pay for Opie's college education, Andy decides to operate a franchise coin laundry. Of course its NOT as easy as it seems.

    I have to agree with the other reviewers of this show in that the episode is not very funny or inspired. It's also quite odd in that Helen seems to think private colleges are more expensive but state college's require higher GPA's! While they talk about sending Opie to University of North Carolina, they don't talk about North Carolina State or other schools, or any type of grants or student loans. This actually would have made a nice continuing story line for the last season of AGS and give Andy a reason for having to leave Mayberry--to move to the big city and earn enough to pay for Opie's education. But maybe they were not thinking that far ahead.
    It's good to see Ken Lynch back as big city cop and this time they even let him show his human side as he understands Andy's dilemma. It also is a reminder how far this series had gotten away from any "law enforcement" episodes, which were always a good part of the mix. The scene where Opie discovers his father's financial problem is very well done and shows what a fine young actor Ron Howard was.
  • Andy Moonlights

    This is an interesting episode, but unfortunately doesn't have any real laughs. It is nice to see Andy grappling with issues like sending Opie to college. Learning that a four year college would cost him 15,000 for four years(!) was a cute moment. The laundry idea was a bit worn out--what else could a laundy do but create problems and suds? So the laughs don't come because you've already seen them coming. However, the sweetness of the ending, with Opie overhearing that his dad is doing all this for him and then coming up with his own plan to attend college is a nice touch, and makes one smile at least. The prospect of Opie becoming a dentist (and his friend Arnold a doctor) and opening up a practice in Mayberry makes you almost wish for a spin off series with a grown up Opie!