The Andy Griffith Show

Season 3 Episode 2

Andy's Rich Girlfriend

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Oct 08, 1962 on CBS

Episode Recap

Andy takes his new girlfriend, Peggy, up to one of his favorite places in the mountain. Barney and Thelma Lou are there as well, and Barney is trying to get "frisky" with Thelma Lou in the back seat of the car. Andy convinces the ladies to take off their shoes and go wading in the pond, and the three of them have a blast. Barney doesn't want to show his feet in mixed company and waits in irritation on the banks.

When Andy drops Peggy off at her home, he kisses her goodnight and they both look very serene.

The next day, Andy drops off Peggy's make-up compact. Before he knocks on her door, he notices a stunning, brand new convertible parked outside. When Peggy comes to the door, he asks her if she has company. Peggy explains that the car is hers, and that her father sent it to her. Apparently, her father is very wealthy, owning a feed and grain supply in Raleigh.

When Andy mentions this to Barney, Barney gives Andy a detailed lecture about "rich girls" and warns Andy to stay away. Barney insists that these women have seen it all and are thoroughly bored by the age of twenty, and they return from being away in Europe for a year, ready to settle down. As Andy simply smiles at Barney's admonition, Barney fervently advises him that they simply move in different circles, and to get out while he can.

The next evening Andy is all dressed up and ready to take Peggy to a fancy restaurant in another town. Barney makes another speech about being his best friend and not wanting to see him get hurt. Andy thanks him but shrugs off the warning.

At the restaurant, Peggy orders escargots and Andy can't stomach the idea of eating them. As they talk, Andy learns that Peggy has travelled to many exotic places, including New Orleans and France. Andy feels humbled by all of Peggy's experiences, and for the first time, begins to wonder if Barney is right.

For the next few days, Andy hides out from Peggy, having Barney and Aunt Bee make excuses for him when she calls, and not returning her phone calls. Finally, Andy opens the door to find Peggy on her way in. She questions where he's been and why he doesn't return her calls, and Andy makes a lame excuse that he's just been very busy. He also cancels their date for that evening. Angry, Peggy tells him that when he finds some time to give her a call, and she stomps off.

That evening, Andy goes up to the same spot where he took Peggy to brood. While he's skipping stones, he hears a noise. He goes around the shrubbery and sees Peggy there, skipping rocks as well. When he asks her what she's doing there, Peggy responds and tells him that she knows why he's been avoiding her. She is aware that Andy's conscious of her money and their different backgrounds, and she tells Andy that he's a snob. Andy protests, but Peggy insists that he's being the close-minded one, not her. Andy finally relents, and admits that she's right. They end up enjoying the rest of the evening together up on the mountain.

In the final scene, Barney encourages Andy to keep his "options open" and to continue playing the field. Barney then tells Andy that he's a player himself, and that Thelma Lou isn't the only woman to whom he's tied down. To prove his point, telephones the diner and talks to Juanita, asking her about getting together for a date. In the middle of the call, Andy says, "Look, Barney, it's Thelma Lou!" Barney drops the receiver in a panic, only to find out it's Aunt Bee coming through the door.