The Andy Griffith Show

Season 3 Episode 2

Andy's Rich Girlfriend

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Oct 08, 1962 on CBS

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  • Escargot Him!

    Well the previous review is very well done- but i had to disagree a tad-

    we have seen Andy in this exact setting before. I was a little surprised Andy didn't remember the escargot- since Barney ordered it when they went out in the big city ;)

    Andy Griffith is just so darn likable that i didn't see him come off as a snob at all (even though he admits it) I just thought he was worried that they didn't have enough in common to base a relationship upon.. not that he didn't measure up to her- or her to him... just too darn cute that man!
  • For Richer or Poorer

    This is an interesting episode for several reasons. Firstly, that it introduces the character of Peggy whom Andy will date for awhile. Secondly, we get to see Andy in a whole new setting (the very sophisticated restaurant he takes Peggy to). Thirdly and most importantly, we are allowed into the psyche of Andy and perhaps his own insecurities about himself. He struggles to deal with the fact that Peggy comes from an upper class family, that she has travelled, that her family has money. Seeing the car her father "delivers" to her, watching her eat escargots like a pro in the restaurant (while he orders a beer) are priceless moments. What's even more interesting is watching Andy avoid Peggy because he is uncomfortable with their differences. It's nice to see the confident Sheriff of Mayberry ill-at-ease and lacking in self-esteem for once. I think the episode could have had a stronger ending, perhaps with more written dialogue without the "throwing stones in the lake" metaphor between these two--but it's still a very, very watchable episode.