The Andy Griffith Show

Season 4 Episode 15

Aunt Bee the Crusader

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Jan 20, 1964 on CBS

Episode Recap

Mr. Frisbee, Mayberry's local butter and egg man, shows up at the Taylor house one morning bearing gifts - a mustache cup for Aunt Bee and a rooster named Beauregard for Opie. When Aunt Bee inquires as the nature of his generosity, Mr. Frisbee informs her that the county is kicking him of the land he was born on to make room a new highway. Aunt Bee immediately sympathizes with the plight of Mr. Frisbee, determined to see that compassion and justice are not trumped by the government.

Later at the courthouse Barney does his best to squeeze Otis into giving up the seller of the moonshine he guzzles. Just at Otis is about the escape the clutches of Barney and his third degree, Aunt Bee marches in and gives Andy the third degree for running poor Mr. Frisbee off his land. Andy tries unsuccessfully to convince Aunt Bee that the need of the county are more important than the needs of one man, Mr. Frisbee. Bee accuses Andy of evicting Mr. Frisbee because he's never liked the man. She storms out of the courthouse, determined as ever to see that Mr. Frisbee is not bulldozed (literally) by the county.

After a rather icy reception at home, Andy and Barney arrive at the courthouse the next morning to find that Bee has organized a rally of the local ladies. They picket the front steps of the courthouse, holding homemade signs, and chanting about the injustice of the local sheriff.

Andy and Barney ignore the protesters and find that later they have gone. They get the call that the county is ready to bulldoze the Frisbee place. Andy and Barney, upon arrival at Mr. Frisbee's find Aunt Bee and her ladies picketing in front of his house. After trying and failing to reason with the ladies, Andy, Barney and the county workers clear out Mr. Frisbee's house to prepare it for demolition. Just about the time real showdown begins Opie finds the rooster Beauregard. Thinking he's dying, Opie rushes the ill rooster to his father. Andy and Barney immediately notice that the rooster is not sick or dying, but appears to be drunk!

Andy has Barney stall the ladies while he investigates the cause of the sozzled rooster. He emerges a few minutes later with a still and informed the ladies that Mr. Frisbee has six operational stills in the cellar of his hen house and enough sour mash to keep every chicken on the place tipsy till doomsday. When Bee and her ladies realize they've been covering for a moonshiner, they turn their wrath on the old man. Andy and Barney save Mr. Frisbee by carting him off to jail.