The Andy Griffith Show

Season 8 Episode 13

Aunt Bee's Cousin

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Dec 04, 1967 on CBS

Episode Recap

Town columnist and gossip writer is bemoaning to Aunt Bee that Mayberry is about as boring as can be, and that there's no fresh news to print in the way of social happenings. Just as she's lamenting this, Andy comes in the door with a special letter for Aunt Bee. It is from her cousin, Bradford Taylor, an entrepreneur and tycoon. He's stateside and coming to Mayberry to pay her a visit. The columnist is thrilled to have such a newsworthy event to publish, and Aunt Bee decides to spare no expense in welcoming her elite cousin.

Formal invitations go out to certain citizens of Mayberry, and Aunt Bee throws a lavish gala with full menu and regalia. Andy goes to the train station even though Bradford has asked for no greeting. To Andy's surprise and dismay, he catches Bradford Taylor sneaking out of a boxcar. Andy brings him down to the station for an explanation, and learns that Bradford is not the important businessman he claims, nor by any means wealthy. Instead, he's a smooth talker and a wheeler-dealer. Andy insists that he only stay for a few days, and that he get out of town before he does any damage to Aunt Bee and her reputation.

At the party, Bradford is nearly caught in a gaffe by Opie when it's pointed out that there's no copper mines in Mexico where he supposedly owned them. Andy comes to the rescue just in time. When Bradford tries Aunt Bee's homemade ice cream, he's so delighted with it that he talks about promoting it nationally as a brand. Aunt Bee is thrilled, but Andy is wary.

Bradford schemes up an idea to have the citizens of Mayberry pay for the ice cream venture, but Andy forces him to come clean to Aunt Bee, who is devastated when she learns that her cousin is a fraud. Andy insists that he leave town immediately, and he does. Meanwhile, Aunt Bee and Andy are forced to do damage when the citizens arrive to hear about their money investment.

Aunt Bee is spared total humiliation from telling her friends the truth about Bradford, when Clara rushes in, breathless. She has just run into Bradford leaving town, and has an explanation for his hasty disappearance. To Bee's and Andy's surprised delight, Clara tells everyone what Bradford told her: that he was called away by the Secretary of State, and that matters affecting the good of the country must come before personal enterprise. Aunt Bee and Andy save face, and Andy points out that perhaps Bradford really was summoned by the State.
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