The Andy Griffith Show

Season 4 Episode 31

Back to Nature

Aired Monday 9:30 PM May 11, 1964 on CBS

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  • Andy bails Barney out again

    Set outside of the courthouse, this episode is good example of the qualities of kindness and compassion that the Andy Griffith show very commonly weaves into its stories.

    Taking Opie and his friends out into the woods for a camping trip, Andy and Barney convince Gomer to come along, citing the lure of the great outdoors. As always, bumbling Barney with his false knowledge of all things outdoors believes his own legend and gets himself and Gomer lost in the woods while looking for Opie.

    When the children surmise that Barney is indeed lost, Andy tells them he's sure Barney is making the best use of his time out in the woods, and catches up with Gomer just as Barney is starting to lose hope. With Gomer's cooperation, Andy sets up Barney to be the hero, coming back with tales of a hand-started fire and a snare-caught pheasant.

    With all the future snafus Barney will get Andy involved in, if Andy would have let Barney face his own consequences more often I think there would have been many less problems. As in this episode, each bailout Andy provides Barney, it just makes Barney think he's that much more invincible.
  • Back to Nature

    An entry that is good but not great--there are some funny bits--but it's way too predictable. Gomer and Barney are very funny together and make an excellent team (a precursor to Dumb and Dumber!) but the adventure in the woods gets really thin after awhile. The best part of the show is when Gomer and Andy team up to make sure that Barney doesn't look like a fool--by lighting his "fire" and cooking his "pheasant". That's a very, very funny moment!
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