The Andy Griffith Show

Season 4 Episode 13

Barney and the Cave Rescue

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Jan 06, 1964 on CBS

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  • Barney the hero..finally!

    This is a true gem in the series, the dramatic turn it takes rings true and is completely consistent with the show and its values. Watching Barney's face when he thinks Andy and Helen is trapped inside is such a revealing moment. It is as if there is a metamorphosis in Barney that we get to watch: from a quivering mass of insecurities into a brave, effective and take charge man. It is such a joy to watch! This is extremely well written on many levels.
    When Andy and Helen realize that everyone is following Barney's lead in "rescuing them" they decide to return to the cave so that Barney will not lose face. It is one of the sweetest moments in the Andy/Barney relationship. This is an episode not to be missed!