The Andy Griffith Show

Season 4 Episode 30

Barney and Thelma Lou, Phfftt

Aired Monday 9:30 PM May 04, 1964 on CBS



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    • Barney: They were kissin'. Huggin' and kissin'. You couldn't have gotten a piece of tissue paper between them. They were that close. They were kissin'.
      Andy: Who was kissin'?
      Barney: Thelma Lou and Gomer.
      Andy: Kissin'?
      Barney: (shouting) Kissin'!

    • Andy: Is it a joke when a girl kisses you like that?
      Gomer: No, sirree, it ain't no joke to me.
      Andy: Well, what does it mean when a fella and a girl kiss?
      Gomer: It means they got to marry.
      Andy: (to Thelma Lou) There you are.
      Thelma Lou: Oh, no!
      Gomer: Shoot, my mama and daddy just shook hands on their deal.

    • Barney: (to Andy) Want some fudge? A man's had fudge every Tuesday night for years, you don't kick the habit just like that.

    • Barney: Thelma Lou and I have always had a standing date on Tuesday nights. Every Tuesday night for as long as I can remember we're setting on that couch, a pan of cashew fudge between us, watching that doctor show on TV.

    • (after Gomer tells Barney what happened when he took Thelma Lou to the dentist in Mt. Pilot:)
      Barney: She bought him lunch.
      Andy: What's wrong with that?
      Barney: Well, nothin'. It's just that in all the years I've known Thelma Lou, she's never bought me lunch. We've always gone "dutch treat".
      Andy: Well, like I say: you can't tell about women. Sometimes they go for that shaggy type of guy. Gomer's pretty shaggy, you know.
      Barney: I ever tell you you got a warped sense of humor?
      Andy: Hmm... I believe so.
      Barney: Warped!

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