The Andy Griffith Show

Season 8 Episode 21

Barney Hosts a Summit Meeting

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Jan 29, 1968 on CBS

Episode Recap

The Raleigh police department is given the task of finding and securing a location for a major international summit meeting between Russian and American diplomats. When it's decided that holding the historic meeting in Raleigh would prove too difficult to pull off, Captain Dewhurst turns to reliable Barney Fife to find a suitable location in Mayberry. Barney rushes to Mayberry to make the preparations where he employs Andy's help in securing a large mansion in town. However, Barney, as overzealous and over eager to please as ever, confirms the location before bothering to get the permission of the owner. Of course it falls through, leaving Barney in a pickle. Having no other option he brings the diplomatic entourage to Andy's house! Not only does this upset Aunt Bee who had no idea company was coming, but riles both the police department and the diplomats. To make matter worse, Goober shows up with a throng of sight seers during the summit meeting! Both sides quickly declare the summit a failure, decide to go to bed and leave the next morning. During the middle of the night the American and Russian diplomats bump into each other, both attempting to raid the fridge at the same time. Over a table of cold homemade leftovers and considerably better spirits they continue their summit meeting. After long hours and plenty of Aunt Bee's home cooking the summit is declared an overwhelming success, both sides admitting that the cozy, down home atmosphere were the key to them resolving their difference s!