The Andy Griffith Show

Season 8 Episode 21

Barney Hosts a Summit Meeting

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Jan 29, 1968 on CBS

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  • To get him out of the way, the guys in Raleigh send Barney out to search for the perfect house to hold a US-USSR summitt meeting. Naturally, Barney comes to Mayberry.

    Granted this show has one of the most unlikeliest premises of all the "Barney Returns to Mayberry" shows. However, despite this Knotts return for a moment re-energizes Griffith and the entire show. All of a sudden there's a chemistry and an energy that is sorely missing in most of the season 8 shows.
    At this point Floyd, Gomer, Otis, the Darlings and Ernest T Bass as well as Barney (and many season 1-5 writers!) were all gone from the show and it missed the manic energy and comic creativeness of the early years. In the "Star Trek" episode "City on the Edge of Forever" Captain Kirk strolls with Edith (Joan Collins) down the main street of Mayberry (passing the courthouse and Floyd's barber shop!) and here the Enterprise's Dr. Dehner (Paul Fix) appears as the homeowner whose house barney hopes to use. He's great as a crotchity old guy!
  • Barney is back in Mayberry and is his same eager self.

    In this episode, we find Barney working in the State Police Office in Raleigh as a gopher and comes up with the idea of having an Internationl Summit in the perfect little town, Mayberry. However, when he arrives in town, his plans appear to be starting to go downhill when he is unable to obtain the "perfect" house for the meeting and end up using Andy's house. When the summit members arrive at Andy's they aren't very happy at the meeting place and once the meeting begins things don't go very well, espcially when Barney and several townspeople interupt the meeting when they want to take pictures of the participants.

    What I found interesting about the episode came when everyone settled into Andy's house for the night. When people involved in the meeting go into the kitchen to "raid the icebox", they are able to have the successful meeting that they expected to have earlier in the day. The reason why I liked this part of the episode was how, in the end, the meeting was a success and Barney was hailed as a hero, with the help of Aunt Bee acting as the food mediatior, with her serving the food that helped keep the meeting flowing.

    In all, even though I wasn't much of a fan of the color episodes of the series, I found this to one of the more entertaining episodes of the show.
  • The Icebox Summit!

    What's so interesting about this episode is that it really does try to tackle something topical--very unusual for Mayberry! Barney, working in Raleigh, is tapped to find a perfect place for some international leaders to work things out. As it turns out Mayberry is selected, and Andy and Barney try to find a place--unfortunately they end up having to have the summit at Andy's house, complete with Aunt Bee in curlers carrying a vacuum at the door to greet them in absolute astonishment. The leaders are quite displeased, but try to have the summit anyways. It doesn't go well. In the end, they all stumble into Aunt Bee's kitchen and begin midnight munching. Aunt Bee enters and educates them about the american custom of "raiding the icebox". The coziness and quiet of her kitchen helps them to relax and work their differences out. In the end, the meeting is shortened because all the issues have been worked out. And Barney is applauded for picking such a wonderful location. It's a priceless episode because it has a clear cut message of peace and detente. It isn't often that we see such a political slant on this show--but when it is played in this manner, it really does make one wish that all of our international problems could really be worked out in a kitchen just like Aunt Bee's. Now all we need is an icebox!
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