The Andy Griffith Show

Season 1 Episode 32

Bringing Up Opie

Aired Monday 9:30 PM May 22, 1961 on CBS

Episode Recap

When Opie appears to be picking up a number of bad habits (like using a pair of rust old handcuffs to handcuff his friends to the flagpole at school), Aunt Bee puts her foot down and insists that Opie stay away from the courthouse. Even though Opie comes by the jail almost every afternoon, Andy reluctantly agrees that Opie should indeed avoid the kind of influences the courthouse and jail offer.

Opie, none too happy about the new situation himself, begins spending his afternoons at home. It doesn't take long for boredom to set in and Opie finds himself longing to be back at the courthouse, practicing the quick draw with Barney, watching Otis weave in with a snoot-full, and most of all Andy's wonderful stories (like "Beauty and the Beast" or "King Authur and the Knights of the Round Table").

One afternoon in particular Opie laments to Aunt Bee that he has nothing to do. Aunt Bee suggests that Opie try his hand at gardening and gives him a package of spinach seeds to plant near the house. Opie plants the seeds but still can't seem to remedy his boredom. He finds himself playing a solo game of kick the can.

A hundred kicks or so later Opie finds himself clear out of town. After a brief investigation of an old abandoned mine Opie comes across boy eating a handful of apples. A quick trade is agreed up, the boy if off kicking the can and Opie is up on the tailgate of a pickup truck munching on the apples. After consuming nearly all of the half dozen fruits, Opie, suffering from a stomach ache, lies down in the bed of the truck. A few minutes later the driver of the truck (an Elm City Delivery truck) emerges from a nearby house and drives off, unaware that Opie is asleep in the back.

Back at the Taylor home, Andy and Aunt Bee are frantic, unable to find Opie anywhere. The driver of the truck calls and explains the situation to a much relieved Andy. Back home, Opie explains his actions to his Paw and Aunt Bee who are none too happy about his little unplanned excursion. However, Aunt Bee realizes that Opie was suffering a need to be with his father and agrees to let Opie spend some time at the courthouse provided a few changes are made – no more handcuffs, and no hanging around with a snoot-filled Otis!