The Andy Griffith Show

Season 1 Episode 27

Ellie Saves a Female

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Apr 17, 1961 on CBS

Episode Recap

Francis "Frankie" Flint is the daughter of one of Mayberry's local farmers. When she shows up at the drugstore admiring the make up and perfume Ellie decides to find why she's so shy and so unadorned. It turns out that Frankie is an only child and the only help her father has working the farm. As a result, she's more accustomed to wearing practical work clothes and dressing like a boy.

Despite Andy's protestations, Ellie decides to give Frankie a few girl things - makeup, perfume, etc. Andy takes Ellie out the Flint farm where Mr. Flint tells her no thank you and asks her to leave.

Back in town, Barney shoots of his mouth a little, telling Andy that he would have stood up to farmer Flint. Ellie calls Barney on it and suddenly Barney has to put his money where his mouth is. He reluctantly sets out for the Flint farm. When he arrives at the farm, rather than confront Mr. Flint, he kidnaps Frankie and brings her back to town.

Ellie and Frankie show up at the courthouse a little bit later and neither Andy nor Barney know who Frankie is. Thanks to Ellie, a little make up, and a new hairdo, Frankie the farmer is transformed into Frances the lady.

Andy and Ellie take Frankie back home. They confront her father who admits that she is quite lovely. However, he explains to Andy and Ellie that Frankie is the only help he has on the farm and as much as he would like have her looking beautiful, he simply needs her help on the farm. Andy then suggests to Mr. Flint that Franky the farmhand might be decent help, but that he's not really utilizing his daughter to her full potential. He then takes Frankie and sits her on the fence near where several young, male farmhands are working on a neighboring farm. They immediately flock to Frances's side, smitten. Andy points that Frances is very likely to produce a fine son-in-law for Mr. Flint which means a fine, male farm hand. Mr. Flint sees Andy's logic and agrees to let Frances be Frances and not Frankie anymore.