The Andy Griffith Show

Season 5 Episode 20

Goober and the Art of Love

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Feb 01, 1965 on CBS

Episode Recap

Goober is always butting in on Andy and Barney's dates with Helen and Thelma Lou. Goober always hangs around "looking pathetic"so the good hearted girls always end up inviting him along, much to Andy and Barney's dismay. So the boys have a solution-Goober needa a girl of his own! Barney hints around to Goober about this, but the bashful Goober is too shy to ask any girl out. While Andy and Barney except Goober to pick a hot date, Goober has got his eye on a plain Jane named Lydia Crosswaith, who frequents the gas station for car maintenance. Barney and Andy instruct Goober on the art of pursuing a girl-and Goober makes a total klutz of himself! Suggestions of "talking about the weather" lead Goober to a stiff, awkward conversation and leaving Lydia's house with nothing but a quick brush of her hand. But the unpopular Lydia is more than pelased to have a guy take an interest in her. Still far from a smooth operator, Barney decides to instruct his friend on a few smooth moves, by spying on Andy and Helen in her house as they watch TV. Just as Andy and Helen start to kiss, Goober gives it away and embarrasses all concerned!

Andy, Barney, Thelma Lou, and Helen start to spend a quiet evening at home playing bridge-until Goober makes it a 6 company and barges in. He claims there was nothing to do after the box of chocolates was eaten up! The annoyed gang tries to bring Lydia out her shell by asking about her interests-but Lydia is nothing short of a boring party pooper who won't even go bowling or see a movie! Eager to get out of this cozy crowd, Andy hurridly suugests going for an evening drive-with the group fighting over who will sit where! The scene flips to a classic moment-with the guys in the front and the girls in the back-and no one getting to sit near their sweetie!

The boys are later ready to tell a buttisky Goober off-but Goober announces he will be spending the time alone with Lydia. But will the gang have a chance to get the peace and quiet theyv'e been waiting for?

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