The Andy Griffith Show

Season 5 Episode 17

Goober Takes a Car Apart

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Jan 11, 1965 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • (Andy has come to Wally's Garage to get Goober)
      Andy: It's Wednesday morning. You're supposed to be down at the courthouse.
      Goober: I know it, Andy. I know it. I told you I'd be there. 'Member I said I'd be there? Well, I'm goin' right down there soon as I finish workin' on Gilly Walker's carburetor.
      Andy: You said you'd be there early.
      Goober: Well, that's where you'll have to call me a liar on that early part. But I'll be there 'cause I told you I'd be there and if I said I'll be there, I'll be there.
      Andy: How soon?
      Goober: Soon as I finish workin' on Gilly Walker's carburetor. Look at that carburetor – watch yourself, Andy, it's drippin'. It's off Gilly Walker's car. He's been troubled with the durndest noise in that car. First it was "cha-weet, cha-weet, cha-weet" and I fixed that. Then it was "pucka, pucka, pucka" like old banty rooster. I think it's all in the carburetor, so I'm takin' it all apart.