The Andy Griffith Show

Season 3 Episode 16

Man in a Hurry

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Jan 14, 1963 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • This episode remains the highest rated episode of the series by viewers and fans. Most feel it truly captures the essence of Mayberry better than any other episode.

    • Goober, Gomer's cousin, is mentioned twice, but does not appear on camera. This is the first reference to this soon to be recurring character.

  • Quotes

    • (Mr. Tucker is getting ready to go; Opie comes running up)
      Opie: Hey, Mr. Tucker. You aren't gonna leave are you?
      Mr. Tucker: I have to, son.
      Opie: Aw, rats. If you were stayin', I was gonna get to sleep on the ironin' board between two chairs.
      Mr. Tucker: Sounds terrible.
      Opie: No it ain't - that's adventure sleepin'.

    • (after lunch, Andy and Barney are relaxing on the porch; Mr. Tucker paces impatiently)
      Barney: You know what I think I'm gonna do?
      Andy: What?
      Barney: I'm gonna go home, have me a little nap and go over to Thelma Lou's and watch a little TV.
      Andy: Mmm-hmm.
      Barney: Yeah, I believe that's what I'll do: go home... have a nap... then over to Thelma Lou's for TV.
      Andy: Mmm-hmm.
      Barney: Yep. That's the plan: right home... a little nap...
      Mr. Tucker: (explodes) For the love of Mike, do it, do it. Just do it! Go take a nap, go to Thelma Lou's for TV. Just do it!
      Barney: What's the hurry. (gets up to go) I'll see ya, Anj.

    • (Mr. Tucker is frustrated because the Mendlebright sisters are monopolizing the phone)
      Mr. Tucker: This is ridiculous! Wasting valuable time on drivel - talking about people's feet falling asleep.
      Andy: It's probably Maude.
      Barney: Cora, too. I wonder what causes that?
      Andy: I don't know.
      Barney: I have that every now and then. Maybe I oughta go see their doctor.

    • (church has let out; Andy & Aunt Bee are ready to leave)
      Andy: Let's go, Ope.
      Opie: In a minute, Pa. Johnny Paul and me are tradin'.
      Andy: Oh.
      Opie: He gave me this penny that was run over by a train for a horsehair.
      Aunt Bee: Leave them horsehairs be. What do you want with them anyway?
      Opie: Johnny Paul says if you put a horsehair in stagnation water it'll turn into a snake.
      Andy: Hmm. No more tradin' on Sunday. Come on.

    • (Andy, Aunt Bee and Mr. Tucker are on the porch; Gomer comes up)
      Gomer: Mr. Tucker.
      Mr. Tucker: My car ready?
      Gomer: Naw, Goober thinks you need a new set of spark plugs.
      Mr. Tucker: Well, change 'em.
      Gomer: They're $1.15 apiece.
      Mr. Tucker: Fine, fine.
      Gomer: She's an eight-cylinder - she'll take eight.
      Mr. Tucker: Go do it.
      Gomer: One for each cylinder.
      Mr. Tucker: Go, boy, go. Do it!
      Gomer: We have your permission?
      Mr. Tucker: Yes. Yes.
      Gomer: Didn't want you to say later on we'd overcharged you.
      Mr. Tucker: Go do it.
      Gomer: Right. (starts to leave; speaks to Andy) Goober says, "Hey", Andy.
      Andy: "Hey" to Goober.

  • Notes

    • In this episode we hear Opie state that if Mr. Tucker stays over he'll have to sleep on the ironing board between two chairs (he calls it adventure sleeping). This seems odd since the Taylors have a guest room that is used quite often in a number of other episodes.

    • Although Gomer's first appearance in the series came three episodes earlier in "The Bank Job", this was actually the first episode that Jim Nabor's filmed which explains why Gomer gets more of a proper introduction in this episode. Some guides list this episode as Jim Nabor's first.

    • In this episode Gomer knows absolutely nothing about fixing cars but by season four he's become a mechanical genius.

  • Allusions

    • When lamenting that Mayberry appears to be stuck in the past, Mr. Tucker mentions international television and men orbiting the earth. At the time this episode was filmed, Project Mercury was ending. The NASA project put seven Astronauts into space and was a precursor for the Gemini and Apollo programs - the later of which would put the first humans on the moon.

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