The Andy Griffith Show

Season 5 Episode 1

Opie Loves Helen

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Sep 21, 1964 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • When Andy and Opie are discussing dating older women, Andy tells Opie that when he went to school he had a crush on an older girl named Barbara Edwards. In fact, Barbara Edwards was the maiden name of Andy Griffith's first wife.

  • Quotes

    • (Opie is giving his present to Helen; Andy arrives to clear up the situation)
      Andy: Miss Crump is a fine person – just a fine person – and I can understand you likin' her a lot.
      Opie: Yes.
      Andy: But, Opie, the, uh, the truth of the matter is: Miss Crump is a little more in line with my age. As a matter of fact, she's my girl. You're kinda steppin' into my territory. Well, that's right. She's my girl – like Sharon McCall was your girl.
      Opie: Gee, Pa, I didn't know that.
      Andy: I know you didn't, son.
      Opie: Well, I won't do anything to break it up. If she's your girl, I just won't call her anymore.
      Andy: Well, thanks.
      Opie: You mean you and Miss Crump might get married someday?
      Andy: Oh, I don't know. We, we might.
      Opie: Gee, Pa, that's swell. As long as she's in the family, I don't care if she's my wife or my mother.

    • (Barney is surprised when Andy tells him Opie is going to spend a whopping seventy-four cents on his "girl")
      Barney: Well, I suppose kids are no different than grown-ups. I remember I went overboard with Thelma Lou on her last birthday.
      Andy: What'd you get her – somethin' nice?
      Barney: Nicest present I ever gave her. Know what I did?
      Andy: Huh.
      Barney: Took her out to dinner.
      Andy: Took her out to dinner?
      Barney: Well, yeah, you know we usually go "dutch".

    • (at breakfast, Opie's discusses his "secret new love" with Andy)
      Opie: Pa?
      Andy: Hmm.
      Opie: How do I tell her I like her?
      Andy: How'd you tell Sharon you liked her?
      Opie: Oh, I didn't have to; she knew it.
      Andy: Oh.
      Opie: Last year when she told the teacher the boys were the ones that were makin' all the noise on the playground...
      Andy: Hmm.
      Opie: ...I was the only boy that didn't hit her. Besides that, I give her my brand new eraser.
      Andy: Hmm. Well, why don't you give this girl an eraser?
      Opie: No. I think I want to get her somethin' real good.
      Andy: Huh.
      Opie: I have sixty-two cents saved up, not countin' six pop bottles Aunt Bee said I could take back.
      Andy: Well, that's a pile of money to spend on a girl, ain't it?
      Opie: Please, Pa.
      Andy: Well, go ahead if you want to. The women'll get it anyway, I reckon.

    • (Barney & Andy are in the courthouse; through the window Barney sees Opie walking with Helen)
      Barney: Boy, things sure were different when you and I went to school. 'Member? Teachers and kids were natural enemies then.
      Andy: Yeah. Hey, 'member Miss van Roder?
      Barney: Oh, "The Beast of the Fourth Floor"?
      Andy: (laughs) "The Beast of the Fourth Floor".
      Barney: 'Member when we put ink in her thermos bottle?
      Andy: 'Member the tack in her chair?
      Barney: Then we put that garter snake in her desk drawer.
      Andy: Yeah.
      Barney: Boy, she sure was mean.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Opie: The boy stood on the burning deck...
      When Barney asks Opie if he knows any poems, Opie offers the first line from the famous 1826 poem, "Casabianca", by Felicia Dorothea Heman. It was her most famous and an often satirized poem, and a work that was frequently memorized by students in the 1800's and early 1900's. The poem tells the sad tale of Commodore Louis Casabianca, commander of the 120-gun, 2,000 ton warship, L'Orient, which was Napoleon's flagship and one of the era's biggest fighting vessels. During the Battle of the Nile, the Commodore was killed by a cannon shot as the ship caught fire. While the ship burned, all the crew abandoned their posts and fled the ship. The Commodore's 13-year old son, Giacomo, would not leave his father's body and died when the gunpowder on board exploded. The Battle of the Nile was a great victory for Adm. Horatio Nelson and restored British supremacy over the French in the Mediterranean.

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