The Andy Griffith Show

Season 4 Episode 18

Prisoner of Love

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Feb 10, 1964 on CBS

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  • A Most Unusual But Interesting Episode

    The first time I watched this episode, I admit it was a little unusual. But the second time I watched, what I appreciated was Andy Griffith's acting. In this episode, it's not so much what he says, but his facial expressions--he conveys a lot of emotion and thought just through his eyes and gestures. My favorite scene is after Andy leaves Barney in charge of the prisoner (Susan Oliver). Back home, Andy steps out to the porch, still in a reverie, thinking, perhaps, about his brief encounter with the prisoner in her cell, when he tried to help her with her box and she brushed up against him. None of this is stated but you can kind of see that's what he's thinking as he smells the scent of her perfume on his collar and smiles. Then his face suddenly turns black as he realizes that maybe it was all a ploy to escape and how dangerously close he came to falling for it--and even worse, how Barney could fall for it as well. Off he goes back to the courthouse! It takes a great actor to carry a scene with no dialogue and only music in the background. I think Andy Griffith does a great job here!
  • Andy Griffith--Film Noir Version.

    This is an attempt at a more stylized Andy Show--and it just doesn't come off. Watching the Andy and Barney in the throes of lust is uncomfortable because we are not used to this. The prisoner is excellently played by Susan Oliver--but she seems totally out of character and should be on Star Trek episode --rather than the Andy Griffith show--even the music is dark and gloomy in this. A very strange episode indeed!