The Andy Griffith Show

Season 1 Episode 29

Quiet Sam

Aired Monday 9:30 PM May 01, 1961 on CBS

Episode Recap

In a town where practically everyone knows everyone else's business, Sam Becker, a quiet, simple farmer, raises a few suspicions, particularly the imaginative suspicions of Barney and Floyd. When Barney's attempts to get a little information out of Sam in town fails, Barney becomes convinced that something shady is going on at the Beckett farm.

Barney cases a few of Sam's purchase records at the drugstore. Despite no real incriminating evidence, Sam's habits do seem suspicious. He seems to be laying in a rather large store of first aid items. Barney, believing that Sam may be harboring someone with a bullet in him, gets Andy to take a drive out to the Becker farm that night.

When they arrive at Sam's farm they find him discing his field in the dark. After a few minutes, a light in his house is seen turning on and off, prompting Sam to leave his tractor and run inside. Despite yet more suspicious behavior Andy reminds Barney that Sam has done nothing against the law. Barney reluctantly agrees and they drive back to town.

While back at the courthouse, Andy gets a call from a frantic Sam Becker. As Andy races out of the courthouse on his way to Sam's farm he asks Otis to tell Barney where's he gone. Andy arrives at the Sam's place and is snatched into the house.

When Barney arrives back at the jail Otis gives him the news. Despite the fact that Andy did not tell Otis why he was going out to Sam's place, Barney concludes that his suspicions about Sam have been right all along! He calls the Becker place and talks to Andy for a few seconds. Just as Andy is about to explain things, Sam runs into the room, hangs up the phone, and summons Andy away. This is the last bit of evidence Barney needs, he's now convinced that Andy has been kidnapped by Sam Becker!

After attempting to muster an unwilling posse Barney sets out for the Becker place. After seeing what he thinks is a struggle through the front windows, Barney barges into the house, gun drawn!

Once inside, Andy explains to Barney that Sam's wife, Lillie, is not only pregnant but going into labor! This explains why Sam seemed so rushed and unwilling to spend time conversing in town and why he's laying up stores of first aid supplies. It also explains why he has to farm at night. Relieved that Sam is not a criminal and that both he and Andy are in no real danger, Barney asks when the doctor will arrive only to find out he's not coming - that Andy will have to deliver the baby!

Despite never having delivered a baby before, Andy sets both Barney's and Sam's minds at ease. A little while later, Andy walks into the room (Sam and Barney have been swapping war stories) with Sam's newborn son. A little while later, Barney's makeshift posse arrives and Andy introduces them to Mayberry's newest citizen - little Andy Becker!
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