The Andy Griffith Show

Season 1 Episode 29

Quiet Sam

Aired Monday 9:30 PM May 01, 1961 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • The epilogue to this episode features a group of townsfolk descending on the Becker place with gifts and food and plenty of good singing - a kind of impromptu baby shower. In the crowd, The Country Boys (The Kentucky Colonels), the bluegrass group Andy performs with in Mayberry on Record, can be seen picking their instruments.

    • Barney tells Sam that he did his part to whip the dreaded Hun, which would technically mean he served in WWI, although it's more likely that Barney meant WWII. In the Reunion episode, we learn that Barney graduated from high school in 1946. However, in the much later episode, The Return of Barney Fife, we are told that he graduated in 1948. Since World War II ended in 1945, it's not very likely that Barney would've served in it. Sam says that he served during the Korean War.

    • Floyd's wife, Melba, is mentioned in this episode (she won't let Floyd take the stick she props open the cellar door with). Floyd is said to be a widower in season two which means Melba must have passed away soon after this episode.

    • The episode marks the one and only time that illegal narcotics are mentioned on the show - Barney suggests that Sam might be growing marijuana.

    • Andy smokes in this episode.

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    • This is the only episode in the series that Andy delivered a baby. Andy delivers Opie's baby in the 1986 reunion movie "Return To Mayberry".

    • Little Andy Becker was the first baby Andy delivered. In the TV movie "Return to Mayberry" Andy tells Opie his was the first face a lot folks in Mayberry saw, meaning he delivered many babies since he helped bring Andy in the world.

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