The Andy Griffith Show

Season 9 Episode 250

Return to Mayberry

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Apr 13, 1986 on CBS

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  • One of the best reunion movies!

    The last episode of the Andy Griffith Show was really dissatisfying (although some closure may have been provided in the first episode of Mayberry RFD).

    Still it was always kind of sad how Barney and Thelma Lou's relationship pittered out in the original series. Return to Mayberry patches things up by bringing them back together. It was also great that many of the original actors were able to return and take up their characters. It's a shame that Frances Bavier wasn't feeling well enough to film the movie--but the writers did the right thing by having Andy visit Aunt Bee's grave in remembrance--instead of casting another actress to play Aunt Bee. I hate when they do that! I loved the gag with Howard's hair.

    Return to Mayberry is aptly name because it really does return the viewers to all the characters that made the show great!