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  • The greatest show of all time!

    I am a young man but I grew up watching this show, it was a family favorite of my mother's an' father's an' I quickly became right there with them. Andy Taylor was everything a lead character should be. He's the guy who you want to talk with when you're feelin' down 'cause you know he'll make you see it's not all that bad. This certainly was a hilarious show, an' I do admit that the first five seasons when Don Knotts was still a regular cast member were certainly the mos' comic an' giddy, but even after Barney Fife bid farewell to Mayberry the charm of this small little North Carolina town an' its colorful characters was everlasting. It is a show from the '60s but it not OF the '60s. It is a town unaffected by social an' culture change in America, because life in Mayberry is already as truly egalitarian as it gets. Everyone looks out for everyone, everyone respects everyone else's place. Things move slowly, nothing is perfect, but nobody would have it any other way. Yes, I LOVE this show.
  • One of the all-time great shows!

    One of the all-time great shows and I loved the
    Show since I was a little kid. Andy Taylor was
    A sheriff working in Mayberry with his son Opie, as he
    Was widowed and he was the perfect straight and honest sheriff everybody would love to have in their town.
    Barney was the show's comic relief and the show kind of lost flavor when Barney departed!
    Again one of the all-time great shows!
  • A feel-good series

    I have a friend who used to say that if he won the lottery, he would buy a TV station and play The Andy Griffith Show 24 hours a day. Sure, there was never much that went on in dear old Mayberry, but the classic series always left me with a warm feeling. Opie was a precocious, but well-mannered kid. Aunt Bea was like everyone's favorite aunt. She took care of everyone, and she was impossible to not love. Barney, with his single bullet and tenacity in following the law to the letter, provided the comic relief. In the end, good old Andy was there to sort the messes, rein Barney in, and provide a moral for the story. It's still feel-good television, and it's sadly missing in most of today's series.
  • join Andy, Opie, Aunt Bee, and the rest of the quirky residents of Mayberry in this 5 disk set of the show that TV guide revers as "one of the greatest television shows of all time".

    The Andy Griffith Show was an American television series that aired from 1960 to 1968. The show centered around Andy Taylor, (played by Andy Griffith), a rural sheriff who rarely carried a gun. The series was an immediate hit with its audience, and still enjoys success in syndication. Its whistled theme song (by Earle Hagen and Herbert Spencer with lyrics by Everret Sloane) is quickly identified by a significant portion of the public.

    The show was executive produced by Griffith's manager, Richard O. Linke. However, it was producer Aaron Ruben (writer for The Phil Silvers Show), Sheldon Leonard (producer of The Danny Thomas Show) and Andy Griffith's attention to the scripts, that was credited for giving the show its enduring quality.
  • A different family sit com especially for the times with a single father bringing up his son.

    A different family sit com especially for the times with a single father bringing up his son. The Andy Griffith Show of course starred Andy Griffith as sheriff Andy Taylor and a young Ron Howard as his son Opie Taylor. Don Knotts played Andy's deputy Barney Fife in one of TV's most classic roles. Jim Nabors stared as Gomer Pyle before he got a spin-off show of his own. Other cast members included
    Parley Baer as Mayor Stoner, Frances Bavier as Aunt Bee Taylor, Jack Burns as Deputy Warren Ferguson,
    Clint Howard (Ron's brother) as Leon, Hal Smith as town drunk, Otis Campbell, Elinor Donahue as Elinore 'Ellie' Walker, Ken Berry as Sam Jones and Jack Dodson as Howard Sprague.
  • Detective officers Barney Fife and Andy Taylor go around and solve crimes.

    The Andy Griffith Show is the perfect comedy show for the whole family. It curently airs on the TV Land show channel 56. This show was very funny. Unfortunetley, one of the stars had died. The star was Don Knotts. He was on of tv`s biggest stars he appeared on Stanford and Son {or Different Strokes}. He also appeared on an episoide of The Simpsons as Barney Fife on the tv. He was also on some episoides of Scooby-Doo. On Chicken Little he was Mayor Turkey Lurkey.-Battlestar 94
  • The perfect family show.

    There is something comforting about ending the day with a little Andy, Opie, Barney and Bea. It brings to mind memories of childhood, when life was simpler. When answers were black and white. When you knew if you screwed up you could always go home and know someone loves you. It's like an old frind who calls just when you need to hear their voice.

    Even better, this is a show the whole family can enjoy. You don't have to worry about kids hearing something inappropriate or seeing a scene that, even as an adult, you're embarrassed to watch with your parents in the room.

    It's just plain old good television.
  • A tale of small-town life set in the South, The Andy Griffith show is a timeless classic. A study in character humor, the show surrounds a sheriff who is a single father, his son, aunt and a deputy who is always getting into a jam.

    Mayberry may never have existed, but that hasn't stopped millions of viewers from wishing it did. The town setting for The Andy Griffith Show was something of a character in and of itself because it had an effect on every outsider who visited.

    The town sheriff, Andy Taylor, was the wizard of Mayberry in that he possessed the heart, soul, and brains of the town. There wasn't anything Andy couldn't handle. And his deputy, Barney Fife gave him plenty of things to deal with. Starring old friends Andy Griffith and Don Knotts who played off each other with uncommon chemistry, the show is as funny today as it was 45 years ago when it debuted. Griffith is often quoted as saying the show was crafted to give viewers an escape from the turbulence of the 60's. And, it still provides that type of escape today, with no end in sight.

    Based on character humor, rather than one-liner jokes, the viewer is part of the action because you know the characters. Whether its Barney trying to be super-cop or Otis staggering in from another bender, you always know Andy will fix everything.
  • I love this show!

    I love everything TV Land has to offer. A lot of people including myself are tired of rich pretty people and their tideous problems. I like to view programs with more reason and an actual plot. It feels good to watch a show that doesn't have swearing, sexual refrences, and brutal injuries. I'm not trying to shut myself out of the real world, but TV viewing is used to calm down and relax while you eat your dinner (no one eats at the table anymore deal with it) and it's nice to watch something that is just silly and fun.

    Three cheers for Andy Griffith!
  • Great show. Very funny and sometimes serious that will help teach a family how to cope with difficulties. Very family oriented and enjoyable to watch. HIGHLY RECOMMEND to everyone!!!!

    I would highly recommend this show to everyone young or old and everywhere in between. The setting in North Carolina really is superb for its time frame. A definite must if you like the older series of shows and if you like Opie you can watch him grow up year by year before following his career on past Mayberry. Just watching makes you get lost into a reality we only dream of nowadays but have to go back to reruns to attempt to live in them. Hated to see the ending shows but the spinoffs were some good and some flops. All the characters are portrayed in fine fashion that would make a person want to go to find that special TOWN.
  • Andy Griffith was a brilliant show. One of the best of all time.

    A man is a sheriff of his town and a single father as his wife recently died. His aunt moves in to help. His best friend is his deputy, who has to keep a bullet in his shirt, not in his gun because it’s too dangerous. Add a witty barber, a funny auto mechanic, a drunk, and a schoolteacher. What does it spell: success. “The Andy Griffith Show” is a classic. Some of the best lessons of life are learned on this show. Who will ever forget the time Opie killed the mother bird? How about the time he decided to save money to buy his friend a coat because she couldn’t afford one. Andy’s wit, Barney’s bumbling, and Opie’s growing up made for one of the best shows TV has ever seen.
  • This is a CLASSSIC in every sense of the word.

    I was to young to watch this in prime time. But thank goodness for reruns.The interaction between the characters is wonderful.Barney is hilarious when he try\'s to do real police work, and his facial expressions are incredible. The show works for me because the characters are beleievable and true to life.
  • Don Knotts Rules!

    Ahhhhh i love this show i always watch the reruns on tv land now this show was so cute and cuddly! Don knotts was so awsome he was even better in threes company. Those were the good old days, it just makes you want to invent a time machine and go back dosen't it??
  • One of the best shows of it's time.

    Like I said,one of the best shows of it's time.The Any Griffith show was one of my favorite groing up,and it still is today,from Andy's over easygoing personality,to Barny's over-achievement,as I sometimes put it,the Andy Griffith show is one for all to enjoy.Oh,and may Ernest T. Bast rest in peace.
  • It's a Wonderful Life!

    The Andy Griffith Show is one of those t.v. shows that ages well. Like fine wine, its strengths get maximized and its weaknesses are forgiven. It is nice to remember a time when innocence existed, and when people's problems were fairly simplistic. Of course, things have always been more complicated--but it's nice to imagine a time, a place like Mayberry. Where neighbors were truly neighborly. I love the characters of Aunt Bee and Andy, and of course Barney. But I also love the fine supporting cast of Howard Sprague, Goober and Gomer Pyle, Floyd the Barber, Otis Campbell, and so many others. Some episodes may border on the corny (well in fact most of them do!) but there is an essential truth even in corniness. The Andy Griffith Show is a place we would all like to visit and relax, if not necessarily to live in. The simplest people and situations can teach us the greatest things about life, and love.
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