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  • The life and times of a small-town sheriff and his family, his cooky deputy, and a colorful town populace.

    The definitive family show! Plenty of morals and loads of laughs stuffed into one unforgettable half-hour show. Andy proves his worth as the leading man, and works as an ideal straightman to the rest of the cast. Of course, 95% of the classic material is derived from Don Knotts as Barney Fife. Knotts made the show delightful. The show is also very addictive, and is fun to watch at any time. It is family entertainment that may age, but will never be forgotten. The life lessons will apply to all people of all generations. Don't miss this loveable classic program.
  • One of the best shows of it's time.

    Like I said,one of the best shows of it's time.The Any Griffith show was one of my favorite groing up,and it still is today,from Andy's over easygoing personality,to Barny's over-achievement,as I sometimes put it,the Andy Griffith show is one for all to enjoy.Oh,and may Ernest T. Bast rest in peace.
  • It's a Wonderful Life!

    The Andy Griffith Show is one of those t.v. shows that ages well. Like fine wine, its strengths get maximized and its weaknesses are forgiven. It is nice to remember a time when innocence existed, and when people's problems were fairly simplistic. Of course, things have always been more complicated--but it's nice to imagine a time, a place like Mayberry. Where neighbors were truly neighborly. I love the characters of Aunt Bee and Andy, and of course Barney. But I also love the fine supporting cast of Howard Sprague, Goober and Gomer Pyle, Floyd the Barber, Otis Campbell, and so many others. Some episodes may border on the corny (well in fact most of them do!) but there is an essential truth even in corniness. The Andy Griffith Show is a place we would all like to visit and relax, if not necessarily to live in. The simplest people and situations can teach us the greatest things about life, and love.
  • The andy griffith show seasons 6-8 wheres my laughter.

    Well season 6 starts out with a dud.I just watched seasons 1-5 laughed myself to tears many times.
    I barely get a chuckle out of seasons 6-8 except for the don knotts episodes this show probally should have been called the don knotts show with andy griffith the first five years maybe if jerry van dyke would have came on instead of warren who is not funny at all in fact if not for floyd and gober theres not really any funny left at all.The show just lost its charm and humor after don knotts left i dont think changing to color hurt it.Some shows play better in black and white in my opinion dark shadows for one.
  • A Great Show!

    Andy Griffith, Don Knotts, and Ronny Howard were great in this show. It is a comedy that shows the relationship a father and a son can have. As well as the relationship of friends. Andy Taylor is the sherriff of Mayberry and Barney Fife is his funny deputy. Andy is a single parent to a little boy named Opie. Andys aunt helps take care of them and is sweet woman. On the show she is called "Aint B" Overall a fun, family series that will make you laugh.
  • One of the best of all time

    Who can say enough good things about the Andy Griffith Show? It is simply one of the best shows ever on TV. Everything from the actors and writers down to the sets and costumes. But most of you already know that. I personally love the stories and down home atmosphere of the show. Mayberry in the 1950s and 60s is a place many of us would like to visit (if not live). It is a place there people genuinely cared about each other and there was a true sense of right and wrong. We live in a different world today, so it's refreshing to visit a world where we can take off our shoes and here some good stories, laugh, and even cry together.

    Next time you're down, visit Andy and the gang. They'll lift you up!
  • A beloved show.

    The Andy Griffith Show may have been before I was born, but I love watching repeats of the show when it airs on Tv Land. What I love about the show is how all the characters reflect people in small town America, where the biggest crises they would deal with was not know what to do for a Saturday night date, or something else that would seem trivial in this day in age. One thing that I loved about the characters, mainly Barney had to carry his one bullet in his pocket so he wouldn't shoot someone on the street, or when he would always try finding a wife for Andy. I also loved how Andy was the straight man to Barney's comedic antics and would always be the voice of reason when someone would try to pull off some outrageous antic that would prove harmful to their friends or family. The supporting cast was another thing that was great about the show, with Otis always stumbling into the courthouse after having one drink too many, Floyd working hard to give the men in Mayberry good haircuts, and Ernest T. Bass, the crazy mountain man who always had a rock to throw through a window when someone made him mad. These are just a few of the reasons why I love watching the show. The situations that the characters are at times believable and can always put a smile on the viewers face.
  • This is a CLASSSIC in every sense of the word.

    I was to young to watch this in prime time. But thank goodness for reruns.The interaction between the characters is wonderful.Barney is hilarious when he try\'s to do real police work, and his facial expressions are incredible. The show works for me because the characters are beleievable and true to life.
  • This TV show had loads of talent, great writers and directors.

    This show didn't depend on jokes or wisecracks for laughs, it was natural eveyday southern situations
    with a cast of characters that were just fun to be around.

    In Mayberry, they were themselves, the way aunts, uncles and cousins might really be around each other. Where small things were important, going to a movie, a fair, or the diner was the highlight of a day or evening.

    Andy was the Sheriff, as you know he had no gun, except when he needed one. Barney being the opposite, the one that took everything very serious sometimes. He may have been a kluts, but he was not stupid.

    Mayberry had common sense people, no rockit scientists here, Howard and Helen probably being the smartist, only Howard would flaunt it on occasion.

    Only one Barber in town. Floyd took pride in his haircuts. And probably only one Gas Station, Gomer and then later cousin Goober were the friendly Gas Station attendants. They'd give you the shirt off their backs. The best small town comedy on Amercan TV.
  • To the Andy Griffeth Show is a classic that stands the test of time.

    The Andy Griffeth Show is one of the most loved tv shows there are. While the color episodes might not have been as good, they were still good. The absolute best episodes have to be the first episodes when Opie was tiny and Andy was more of a hick like in his movie No Time for Seargents. These were the best episodes of the series, with the best episode being Opie's Charity. If you haven't heard of this show then you must have been living an a cave all your life. This is a true classic that will hopefully be remembered till the end of time.
  • Don Knotts Rules!

    Ahhhhh i love this show i always watch the reruns on tv land now this show was so cute and cuddly! Don knotts was so awsome he was even better in threes company. Those were the good old days, it just makes you want to invent a time machine and go back dosen't it??
  • Mr. Schwamp

    Mr. Schwamp appeared in 26 episodes of the Andy Griffith show. He also appeared in two episodes of Gomer Pyle, . Who is this man? I would like to know who is this actor. Can you help me out?
  • My favorite TV sictom

    I Love it

    I love it

    I LOVE IT!!!

    My favorite TV sitcom and maybe even my favorite TV show
  • A show that stands the test of time

    Of all the 1960's siticoms The Andy griffth show is by far my favourite but this needs to qualified. As with most sitcoms it often takes time for a show to cut its teeth so to speak and this show was no exception. In Season one Andy plays the Sherrif as a a very smart good old boy with a southern drawl and some of the episodes come accross as a little hokey. However by season 2 to season 5 until Don Knotts leaves the show, you have one of the most funny intelligent sitcoms ever on TV. The chemistry between Knotts and Griffth is exceptional and Ron Howard proved he is one of the best child actors ever. Unfortunatley by season 6 when the show goes to color and Knotts has left the show goes down hill. One of the simplest explanations other than the absence of Knots is the show is longer funny. The writing in my opinion deterioted considerably. Also the characters of Gober and Howard come accross as dull and unfunny. However for about 120 episodes (season 2 to 5) you have one of the funniest sitcoms ever.
  • classic!

    This show needs to STAY on the air. It's an awesome wholesome show for the family. My kids enjoy watching it. I enjoy watching it. It's one of those shows where you can watch it over and over and over again and never get tired of it. Andy Griffith is awesome in every episode, the "perfect father" who is capable of making mistakes, but still comes out looking like the hero.

    While I never lived in the 50's, it's kinda interesting to see what it must have been like in small town America in the 1950's. Classic! Great show for the family!
  • Aw Pa!

    When you look back at this show, as I have for over 40 years, you see genuine strokes of genius in the writing. The characters are incredible. Howard Morris as Ernest T. Bass is one that is just incomparable! The Darling family, Goober, Gomer, the "fun" girls....and those aren't the main characters! What a hoot. I use this show to teach interpersonal communication. My Fair Ernest T. Bass is a favorite, as is Barney & Thelma Lou Pfftt! I think I'm going to write a doctoral thesis some day entitiled "All I Need to Know About Human Behavior, I Learned From Andy Griffith."
  • One of the best shows ever.

    This show may be the greatest show EVER. TAGS was awesome. They truly loved and cared for each other. They looked out for each other. Sheriff Andy and Barney were a great team. Andy always protected him and made Barney into a hero. I love how the show did things. He loved Aunt Bee and Opie and all his friends. I love how he helped many people and helped keep the peace in Mayberry. There was great morals and lessons and people learned. The comedy was great. Each episode was great and I love the show so much and it is a true classic.
  • This show is a Classic.

    The Andy Griffith Show and 24 are the best shows of all time the reruns of this show is the only thing that everyone in my family can agree to watch other wise we can not agree on anything to watch with Barney being the funniest tv cacter of all time. this is this is the only show i rather watch in black and white then colar and that is the truth I'm not saying the colar ones are bad but when Barney left and it whent in to colar it just wasn't the same this and 24 are the best shows of all time.
  • Black-and-White Mayberry over Mayberry in color!

    It may be impossible to find the all-time greatest tv series of all time, but The Andy Griffith Show is definitely in the top ten. It had the warmest, most realistic characters and the best writing ever for a family series. This show created the best characters out of Andy, Barney, Opie, Aunt Bee, Otis, Floyd, Ellie, Helen and Thelma Lou. Unfortunately, it had just as many clunkers with the extremely irritating and illogical Gomer, Goober, Warren, Howard and Emmett. The best thing about the show was the camaraderie of Andy Griffith and Don Knotts who despite their fights and teasing, you knew they cared about each other. It was this kind of compassion that made everyone connect with the series. Knotts' departure from it was the removal of all the heart as during the rest of the show's run Andy went around irritated all the time. It's these color episodes that are the only thing wrong with the otherwise impeccable show. If Bewitched can be divided into two different series, one black and white, one in color, then the same ought to be done for Andy, and spare the lovers of the series from having to see the worst. I will watch any of the black and white episode at anytime, but if it's one of the color episodes, I'm switching the channel!
  • One of the all-time classics!

    Andy and Barney's relationship was one of the classic moments on TV. They took care of each other and was a great comedy team, neither of them tried to steal the show from the other. You don't find a team like that today. Ron Howard has to be one of the greatest kid actors ever. Opie is a great addition to the show, he never had a bad shot on the set. Aunt Bea was a charming site to see each week. I don't think anyone on the show was a wrong character, each adding something special to the show.
  • The greatest show of all time!

    I am a young man but I grew up watching this show, it was a family favorite of my mother's an' father's an' I quickly became right there with them. Andy Taylor was everything a lead character should be. He's the guy who you want to talk with when you're feelin' down 'cause you know he'll make you see it's not all that bad. This certainly was a hilarious show, an' I do admit that the first five seasons when Don Knotts was still a regular cast member were certainly the mos' comic an' giddy, but even after Barney Fife bid farewell to Mayberry the charm of this small little North Carolina town an' its colorful characters was everlasting. It is a show from the '60s but it not OF the '60s. It is a town unaffected by social an' culture change in America, because life in Mayberry is already as truly egalitarian as it gets. Everyone looks out for everyone, everyone respects everyone else's place. Things move slowly, nothing is perfect, but nobody would have it any other way. Yes, I LOVE this show.
  • One of the all-time great shows!

    One of the all-time great shows and I loved the
    Show since I was a little kid. Andy Taylor was
    A sheriff working in Mayberry with his son Opie, as he
    Was widowed and he was the perfect straight and honest sheriff everybody would love to have in their town.
    Barney was the show's comic relief and the show kind of lost flavor when Barney departed!
    Again one of the all-time great shows!
  • join Andy, Opie, Aunt Bee, and the rest of the quirky residents of Mayberry in this 5 disk set of the show that TV guide revers as "one of the greatest television shows of all time".

    The Andy Griffith Show was an American television series that aired from 1960 to 1968. The show centered around Andy Taylor, (played by Andy Griffith), a rural sheriff who rarely carried a gun. The series was an immediate hit with its audience, and still enjoys success in syndication. Its whistled theme song (by Earle Hagen and Herbert Spencer with lyrics by Everret Sloane) is quickly identified by a significant portion of the public.

    The show was executive produced by Griffith's manager, Richard O. Linke. However, it was producer Aaron Ruben (writer for The Phil Silvers Show), Sheldon Leonard (producer of The Danny Thomas Show) and Andy Griffith's attention to the scripts, that was credited for giving the show its enduring quality.
  • The perfect family show.

    There is something comforting about ending the day with a little Andy, Opie, Barney and Bea. It brings to mind memories of childhood, when life was simpler. When answers were black and white. When you knew if you screwed up you could always go home and know someone loves you. It's like an old frind who calls just when you need to hear their voice.

    Even better, this is a show the whole family can enjoy. You don't have to worry about kids hearing something inappropriate or seeing a scene that, even as an adult, you're embarrassed to watch with your parents in the room.

    It's just plain old good television.
  • Andy Griffith was a brilliant show. One of the best of all time.

    A man is a sheriff of his town and a single father as his wife recently died. His aunt moves in to help. His best friend is his deputy, who has to keep a bullet in his shirt, not in his gun because it’s too dangerous. Add a witty barber, a funny auto mechanic, a drunk, and a schoolteacher. What does it spell: success. “The Andy Griffith Show” is a classic. Some of the best lessons of life are learned on this show. Who will ever forget the time Opie killed the mother bird? How about the time he decided to save money to buy his friend a coat because she couldn’t afford one. Andy’s wit, Barney’s bumbling, and Opie’s growing up made for one of the best shows TV has ever seen.
  • It was WAY before my time, but I like it. :)

    I love the Andy Griffith Show. I usually watch it once or twice a week when I have time. I love the setting of it. A rural, southern town, where everyone knows everyone and they're all friendly. The characters are awesome too. Don Knotts did an outstanding job as Barney. LOL!!! Barney was my favorite character, and I was so sad when he left around the time the color episodes started to air! Andy Griffith was awesome as Andy Taylor. Ron Howard was the perfect match for Opie Taylor, as well as Frances Bavier was perfect as Aunt Be. Andy Griffith is a great show, and a definate classic if it can still be on the air 40 years later.
  • Classic!

    The Andy Griffith Show is a classic. It takes you back to a happy time in the quiet little town of Mayberry, North Carolina. Back when life was simple. Nobody had to worry about the fears of present day life. Every time you watch this show you get a taste of those days. This show can always make you feel good and cheer you up. The jokes were always funny. Andy, Barney, Gomer, Goober, and the Darlings could always make you laugh, no matter how down you were feeling. The Andy Griffith Show is a timeless classic that will stand the test of time.
  • This one is just the example of classic!

    There has got to be very little people that do not know of this classic by now. It has been airing for decades! The whistle used as the theme song has been stuck in my head from the very first time I heard it. From the whistle to all the characters in the little town of Mayberry this one is absolutely unforgetable. Mayberry has a very strong fan base to this day. I think it is because people miss the small rural town life that is very uncommon or in the past to most people today. With this classic it lives on. Long live the Andy Griffith Show!
  • this show is superb its like a lullaby

    This is one of my favorite shows of all time,in my top 3! A great show.Its timeless i watch it every night b4 bed recommend it to anyone and their folks! Andy Griffith and Don Knotts were perfect for each other,and they compliment each other. Don was just born to do 30 min comedy sitcoms what with his nervous demeanor and skinny frame.I think the best hookup for Andy was Hellen(the school teacher) whew she was good looking even in b/w. I wish James Best(Dukes of Hazzard) could have been in a few more episodes i really liked his character.
  • A tale of small-town life set in the South, The Andy Griffith show is a timeless classic. A study in character humor, the show surrounds a sheriff who is a single father, his son, aunt and a deputy who is always getting into a jam.

    Mayberry may never have existed, but that hasn't stopped millions of viewers from wishing it did. The town setting for The Andy Griffith Show was something of a character in and of itself because it had an effect on every outsider who visited.

    The town sheriff, Andy Taylor, was the wizard of Mayberry in that he possessed the heart, soul, and brains of the town. There wasn't anything Andy couldn't handle. And his deputy, Barney Fife gave him plenty of things to deal with. Starring old friends Andy Griffith and Don Knotts who played off each other with uncommon chemistry, the show is as funny today as it was 45 years ago when it debuted. Griffith is often quoted as saying the show was crafted to give viewers an escape from the turbulence of the 60's. And, it still provides that type of escape today, with no end in sight.

    Based on character humor, rather than one-liner jokes, the viewer is part of the action because you know the characters. Whether its Barney trying to be super-cop or Otis staggering in from another bender, you always know Andy will fix everything.
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