The Andy Griffith Show

CBS (ended 1968)





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  • A beloved show.

    The Andy Griffith Show may have been before I was born, but I love watching repeats of the show when it airs on Tv Land. What I love about the show is how all the characters reflect people in small town America, where the biggest crises they would deal with was not know what to do for a Saturday night date, or something else that would seem trivial in this day in age. One thing that I loved about the characters, mainly Barney had to carry his one bullet in his pocket so he wouldn't shoot someone on the street, or when he would always try finding a wife for Andy. I also loved how Andy was the straight man to Barney's comedic antics and would always be the voice of reason when someone would try to pull off some outrageous antic that would prove harmful to their friends or family. The supporting cast was another thing that was great about the show, with Otis always stumbling into the courthouse after having one drink too many, Floyd working hard to give the men in Mayberry good haircuts, and Ernest T. Bass, the crazy mountain man who always had a rock to throw through a window when someone made him mad. These are just a few of the reasons why I love watching the show. The situations that the characters are at times believable and can always put a smile on the viewers face.