The Andy Griffith Show

CBS (ended 1968)


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  • Black-and-White Mayberry over Mayberry in color!

    It may be impossible to find the all-time greatest tv series of all time, but The Andy Griffith Show is definitely in the top ten. It had the warmest, most realistic characters and the best writing ever for a family series. This show created the best characters out of Andy, Barney, Opie, Aunt Bee, Otis, Floyd, Ellie, Helen and Thelma Lou. Unfortunately, it had just as many clunkers with the extremely irritating and illogical Gomer, Goober, Warren, Howard and Emmett. The best thing about the show was the camaraderie of Andy Griffith and Don Knotts who despite their fights and teasing, you knew they cared about each other. It was this kind of compassion that made everyone connect with the series. Knotts' departure from it was the removal of all the heart as during the rest of the show's run Andy went around irritated all the time. It's these color episodes that are the only thing wrong with the otherwise impeccable show. If Bewitched can be divided into two different series, one black and white, one in color, then the same ought to be done for Andy, and spare the lovers of the series from having to see the worst. I will watch any of the black and white episode at anytime, but if it's one of the color episodes, I'm switching the channel!
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