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  • Great family comedy on the same level as The Brady Bunch. Show strenghs include great supporting and memorable characters, the black-and-white aspect of the show giving it a classic feel, and the theme of family values prevalent throughout the show.

    I must admit that when flipping the channels, I didn't stop long on the channel showing repeats of The Andy Griffith Show because something about it told me that it was a boring show. I usually enjoy comedies where the laughs keep on coming almost non-stop, such as All in the Family. For some reason, I thought that The Andy Griffith Show fell in the category of dramedy, as some episodes had a serious tone to them. That didn't appeal to me in a comedy. Then one day in year 2007, I suddenly got hooked to this show to the point where it has become almost addictive. I can't remember how I got hooked; perhaps I was watching another show that lead into it, I left the television on while doing something else, and began to laugh at Barney's antics. From then on, I kept watching every episode that came on every night. Here in New York City, we usually get two episodes back-to-back on TV Land; actually four if you stay up late past midnight. Unfortunately, you also get the annoying commercials and certain scenes cut out. Have no fear: thank the people who invented DVD. I got so hooked on this show that I went out and bought Seasons 3 and 4, two of the best seasons of the show, and will be purchasing other seasons as well. This show is really enjoyable to watch, and I soon discovered that the elements of seriousness were really not that bad. A lot of those scenes involved Andy and his son Opie, such as in the episode "Mr. McBeevie" in which Andy thinks that his son is lying about the existence of the character and threatens to punish him. This is a great family show, on the same level as the Brady Bunch in terms of the values that the parents attempt to teach their children; in this case, Andy teaching his son. I love the black-and-white aspect of the show and enjoyed those seasons more so than the colorized episodes. I think I also enjoyed the black-and-white episodes due to the Barney Fife character, who left the show after season five I believe. This is not intended as a knock on the title character of the show, but I think that Barney or Don Knotts, the actor portraying him, was the heart of the show. Both he and Andy had great chemistry together. I also got a kick out of the other supporting characters, including Otis the town drunk, Floyd the barber, Aunt Bee, and Opie. The Helen Crump character was a good love interest for Andy, but I thought she came across as a drama queen in some episodes. Overall, I love this show and would put it up there with the greats such as I Love Lucy and The Honeymooners.