The Andy Griffith Show

CBS (ended 1968)





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  • This TV show had loads of talent, great writers and directors.

    This show didn't depend on jokes or wisecracks for laughs, it was natural eveyday southern situations
    with a cast of characters that were just fun to be around.

    In Mayberry, they were themselves, the way aunts, uncles and cousins might really be around each other. Where small things were important, going to a movie, a fair, or the diner was the highlight of a day or evening.

    Andy was the Sheriff, as you know he had no gun, except when he needed one. Barney being the opposite, the one that took everything very serious sometimes. He may have been a kluts, but he was not stupid.

    Mayberry had common sense people, no rockit scientists here, Howard and Helen probably being the smartist, only Howard would flaunt it on occasion.

    Only one Barber in town. Floyd took pride in his haircuts. And probably only one Gas Station, Gomer and then later cousin Goober were the friendly Gas Station attendants. They'd give you the shirt off their backs. The best small town comedy on Amercan TV.