The Andy Griffith Show - Season 4

CBS (ended 1968)




Episode Guide

  • 5/18/64
    Gomer comes to the courthouse one day and announces that he has decided to join the Marines. He believes this is a test to see if he has what it takes to be a man. Because of his naivete, Gomer at first does not fair well. After Andy has a little talk with the Drill Instructor, he leaves him with the impression that Gomer is related to a prominent Marine General. The DI takes Gomer under his wing and gets him in shape.moreless
  • Back to Nature
    Episode 31

    Andy, Barney, and Gomer take a group of boys camping in the mountains to show them the pioneer life. Barney winds up getting himself and Gomer lost in the woods, and Andy must find a way to get them back to camp without hurting Barney's ego.

  • 5/4/64
    After Gomer naively tells Thelma Lou that Barney thinks "he has her in his hip pocket." Thelma Lou decides to teach Barney a lesson by flirting with Gomer. Things quickly get out of hand.
  • The Rumor
    Episode 29
    When Barney sees Andy kissing Helen in a jewelry store, he gets the idea that they are engaged. So he starts planning an engagement party and gets the whole town involved just to find out that Helen was buying a graduation present for her neice.
  • 4/20/64

    Malcolm Merriweather returns to Mayberry, and Andy decides to hire him in an effort to decrease Aunt Bee's workload. However, Aunt Bee soon finds herself with nothing left to do, and she begins to feel unwanted.

  • Fun Girls
    Episode 27
    Andy and Barney are working late at the courthouse, when they get a visit from two wild women. Out of pure kindness, they drive the "fun girls" home, but don't know that Helen and Thelma Lou saw them leaving town.
  • A Deal Is a Deal
    Episode 26

    After Opie becomes involved in a sales scam, Barney hatches up a plan to get him out of it, but gets himself into hot water in the process.

  • 3/30/64

    After Charlene Darling performs a ritual to divorce her husband, she sets her sights on marrying Andy. Unable to reason with the Darling family, Andy must find another way to get Charlene and her husband back together.

  • Bargain Day
    Episode 24

    In an attempt to save money, Aunt Bee buys 150 pounds of beef from the town's new butcher. After her freezer breaks, she must choose between hiring an expensive repair man or asking her old butcher for help.

  • Andy Saves Gomer
    Episode 23
    When Andy puts out a few smoldering rags at Wally's Filling Station Gomer is convinced that Andy has saved him from certain death and decides that he is forever in Andy's debt.
  • Andy's Vacation
    Episode 22
    A grumpy Andy agrees to take a few days off and heads up to the lake to relax. With Barney and Gomer in charge, they manage to capture--and lose--an escaped convict. When the criminal runs into Andy in the woods, he's recaptured by the sheriff. Naturally, Barney and Gomer mistakenly set him free again.moreless
  • The Shoplifters
    Episode 21
    Weaver's Department store is being robbed, presumably by shoplifters. Barney poses as a mannequin to catch a thief.
  • The Song Festers
    Episode 20
    Gomer's singing out does Barney's.
  • Hot Rod Otis
    Episode 19
    Otis buys a car and puts Mayberry in danger.
  • Prisoner of Love
    Episode 18
    A lady prisoner woos Andy and Barney.
  • 2/3/64
    Andy tries to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear when he takes it upon himself to turn Ernest T. into a presentable gentleman. The big test comes at Mrs. Wiley's weekly reception when Andy tries to pass him off as his cousin. Even Andy is surprised at E.T.'s progress when Mrs. Wiley places his accent as being definitely Back Bay Bostonian, but the whole scheme blows up when Bass smashes a vase over the head of a man who won't allow him to cut in for a dance with his chosen woman.moreless
  • Barney's Sidecar
    Episode 16
    Barney comes back from a police auction with a motorcycle and sidecar. His intention is to use it for patrols. After he upsets the whole town, Andy has to find a way to convince Barney to give up the bike.
  • 1/20/64
    Aunt Bee and most of the women in town rally against Andy when Andy tries to evict a much beloved butter and egg man. In the end, of course, Andy is vindicated.
  • Andy and Opie's Pal
    Episode 14
    Andy pays more attention to a fatherless new boy in town and Opie gets jealous.
  • 1/6/64
    Barney is made fun of by the town after he mistakes the owner of the Mayberry bank as a robber. Andy decides to cheer him up by taking him, Helen, and Thelma Lou on a picnic. Andy and Helen go into Lost Lovers Cave and get trapped when it almost collapses. Barney gets a bunch of people to save them. Andy and Helen find another way out of the cage, and realize what would happen, if they didn't find Andy and Helen trapped in the cave, so they decide to go back in the cave so Barney won't be made fun of.moreless
  • 12/30/63
    Opie and his friends dash off to the woods to play Robin Hood when they find a person that is hungry. The person tells the story of Robin Hood to the boys and fills them in on stealing stuff. The boys starts taking food items to the woods for that person.moreless
  • Citizen's Arrest
    Episode 11
    Barney gives Gomer a ticket for making an illegal U-Turn, but when Barney does it, Gomer yells "CITIZINS ARREST!" Gomer said Barney did something illegal himself. Andy agrees, and says that he'd be happy to pay the money for Barney's own ticket. Barney locks himself in jail, and decides to quit. Gomer thinks of a plan to get them back together.moreless
  • Up in Barney's Room
    Episode 10
    Barney is kicked out of his room by Mrs. Mendlebright because he was cooking when he wasn't supposed to. He stays at the court house, and tells Andy he doesn't trust the new guy who's living with Mrs. Mendlebright. Barney apologizes for cooking when he wasn't supposed to, Mrs. Mendlebright said she'd love to have Barney back, but she's marrying the new man who just moved in. It turns out the man is a con who just wants her money.moreless
  • A Date for Gomer
    Episode 9
    Gomer is asked by Andy and Barney to take Thelma Lou's cousin, Mary Grace Gossage to the Chamber of Commerce Dance. Gomer leaves the house, making everybody think he was leaving because he didn't like Mary Grace, but that's all wrong. He left to go get Mary Grace some flowers. When Andy, Helen, Barney, and Thelma Lou come back, they see Gomer and Mary Grace dancing wildly in the living room.moreless
  • 11/18/63
    Opie is given a bike after achieving Straight As. He soon discovers that the marks were a mistake.
  • 11/11/63
    Bricks of gold are bound for Fort Knox passes through the town of Mayberry from the Denver mint worth $7 million.
  • 11/4/63
    Andy takes Gomer in after Wally fires Gomer for not doing his job right. Gomer drives Andy, Aunt Bee, and Opie crazy with all of the noise he makes.
  • 10/28/63
    Briscoe Darling falls in love with Aunt Bee after she tells a poem about a rose, and gives him extra food. He plays a song for her while she's trying to sleep. She wakes up and tells him to go away. Briscoe kidnaps Aunt Bee and takes her to his place. Andy comes to rescue her.moreless
  • 10/21/63
    A visiting preacher gives a sermon about taking time to relax. In trying to create an atmosphere of relaxation on a Sunday afternoon, the townfolk all end up running themselves ragged.
  • 10/14/63

    Ernest T. wants to join the army to get a uniform that he can wear back to the hills to impress his lovely Romenna. When he is refused induction, Ernest goes on a window-breaking rampage. Andy and Barney haul him in, but the jail can't hold him. After Ernest T. tells Andy his reason for coming to town, Andy finds a way to settle the matter.

  • The Haunted House
    Episode 2

    After Opie and his friend Arnold hit a baseball into the window of the old Rimshaw house, they hear noises and run to Andy and Barney for help. Andy sends Barney up to the house to get the ball, accompanied by Gomer. They, too, hear noises, and run away. Andy decides to investigate, and gets to the bottom of the seemingly haunted house.

  • Opie the Birdman
    Episode 1
    Opie accidentally kills a mother bird with his new slingshot and takes it upon himself to raise the orphaned baby birds. After adopting them with the Winkin', Blinkin', and Nod, Opie faces the difficult task of setting them free.