The Andy Griffith Show - Season 6

CBS (ended 1968)




Episode Guide

  • A Singer in Town
    Episode 30

    When a famous singer visits Mayberry, Aunt Bee and Clara see their ticket to stardom!

  • 4/4/66

    Opie does some investigative reporting for an essay on the Battle of Mayberry but finds getting at the truth is harder than he imgagined.

  • 3/28/66
    Goober goes on vacation and can't find anyone to replace him at Wally's Gas Station. His new sweetheart, Flora, who used to work at the diner is now available to fill in for him. Business booms while he is gone and she ends up with Goober's job after he quits. Flora becomes obssessed with increasing business at the station and doesn't notice that Goober hasn't been able to find anything else. It takes Andy's country logic to make her realize that she needs to have her priorities straight and make sure her sweetheart is happy!moreless
  • The Foster Lady
    Episode 27
    In search of a "real person" for his Foster Furniture Polish, Mr. Foster thinks Aunt Bee has what it takes to make his t.v. commercials memorable.
  • The County Clerk
    Episode 26
    Andy and Helen try to play matchmaker for Howard Sprague, the county clerk, but his mother wants to keep him close to home (and to her).
  • A Baby in the House
    Episode 25
    Aunt Bee is thrilled to be able to help out her niece by babysitting her infant baby. Unfortunately the baby cries only when Aunt Bee picks her up and not when anyone else does it. This makes Aunt Bee terribly upset until a minor crisis occurs and she finally understands what she was doing wrong.moreless
  • Eat Your Heart Out
    Episode 24
    Poor Andy Taylor. What's he to do when Goober's new sweetheart starts making cow eyes at him? What else? HEAD FOR THE HILLS! Her name is Flora Mahlerbie, Mayberry's attractive new waitress. She charms the patrons all, serves fine pies and juggles her dishes admirably all while managing to remember what the daily blueplate special is. Goober goes for her in a big way but fickle Flora has her eye on anxious Andy. Head for the hills Andy!! "Flora if you wanna be stuck on someone PLEASE be stuck on Goober cause he's crazy over you! You gonna git me in ALL kinds of trouble..."moreless
  • The Gypsies
    Episode 23
    Andy orders a group of gypsies out of town after they bother the residents. They soon set up camp outside of Mayberry and place a "curse" on the area in the form of a drought. Everything's later revealed to be nothing more than a hoax, as the gypsies are using a radio to enact their scheme.moreless
  • 2/14/66
    Opie wants to attend his first dance but first must learn how to dance.
  • 2/7/66
    Aunt Bee is frustrated at always having to rely on other people (notably Andy) for a ride. When she sees a car that Goober is selling she decides to finally learn how to drive and by this car!
  • 1/31/66
    A man promoting a wild west show claims the star of his show is the great nephew of Wyatt Earp.
  • Lost and Found
    Episode 19
    Aunt Bee loses a piece of jewellery and makes a claim on her insurance to get repaid. She spends the money and then, of course, finds her pin. Aunt Bee then has to find a way to get that money back.
  • 1/17/66
    Warren gets to meet his idol Barney Fife. Barney is thrilled to have someone worship him (at long last!) but tries to sneak out of town when a real case needs to be dealt with involving an escaped convict.
  • 1/10/66
    Barney Fife returns home to Mayberry for a brief visit only to discover that his former girlfriend Thelma Lou has married. Fortunately for Barney, sweet Nettie Albright a secret admirer from days gone by shows up at Barney's high school reunion dance to save the day.
  • Otis the Artist
    Episode 16
    Warren decides that Otis needs some contructive rehabilitation acitivity-so he has him take up art. Otis works hard on a large mosaic of a cow that he is proud of-and he gives it as a gift to the Taylors. Much to Andy's embarrassment, Otis wants them to hang it up on their living room mantel!moreless
  • Girl-Shy
    Episode 15
    Warren is truly shy around women except when he is sleep walking. When he sleepwalks he turns into a Lothario of the first order--and his new conquest-to-be is Helen!
  • The Church Organ
    Episode 14
    Clara pleads for a new church organ and Andy gets everyone to pledge money to help buy one, but when the pledges come due no one wants to pay up.
  • 12/6/65
    Feeling bored and lonely in the afternoons, Aunt Bee asks Andy if it would be alright if she get an afternoon job. After looking through the want ads, she gets hired at a printing company, not knowing that her bosses are counterfeiters.
  • A Man's Best Friend
    Episode 12
    Opie makes friends with Tommy, the new kid in town. Tommy is a bit mischevious, climbing up on the roof of Andy's building, and taking out a gun from Andy's gun rack even after Andy warns him TWICE not to. Goober gets a dog which he names "Spot" (because there are no spots). Tommy hides one of his walkie-talkies in Spot's collar and he and Opie lead Goober on to thinking that Spot can talk. The tables are turned, however, when Andy uses Tommy's love of horses to teach him a lesson.moreless
  • The Cannon
    Episode 11
    It's Founder's Day and a visit from the Mobile Historical Museum brings would-be thieves to Mayberry.
  • Aunt Bee on TV
    Episode 10
    While the Taylors were in Hollywood, Aunt Bee won $4800 worth of prizes on a game show. She is the envy of Mayberry, until she her friends think that she's gloating about her winnings. The IRS comes to call, telling Andy that he'll have to pay over $1100 in taxes for the winnings. Aunt Bee sells most all of the prizes to pay the taxes. Worth noting in this episode is that Howard McNear (Floyd the barber), who had suffered a stroke, has a particularly shaky scene, when he's checking out Bee's new dishwasher.moreless
  • 11/8/65
    Andy has some explaining to do to Helen when photographs of him getting cozy with a famous and attractive Hollywood starlet make it back to Mayberry.
  • 11/1/65
    The Taylors visit Hollywood and get to see the making of Sheriff Without a Gun.
  • Off to Hollywood
    Episode 7
    When Andy receives a $1000.00 dollars for the rights to a story about him "Sheriff without a gun" that will be filmed in Hollywood, he wants to put it in the bank. Opie, Aunt Bee and Helen all insist he do something fun with it. When they come up with the idea of a trip to Hollywood, the entire town gets involved in sending them off.moreless
  • 10/18/65
    Warren is convinced he has e.s.p. and feels that Andy and Helen are in grave danger if they go to the lake. He tries to warn them but they do not take him seriously. He takes it upon himself (with Goober's help) to "protect" them.
  • The Bazaar
    Episode 5
    Warren, enforcing a gambling ordinance to the letter of the law, arrests Aunt Bee and her women friends (meaning, most of Mayberry) for running a Bingo game. Everyone's furious at Warren, particularly Andy, who becomes even more frustrated when Warren resists pleas to drop the charges (in fact, the deputy really digs into his position). Aunt Bee and her friends soon demand a trial. Later, the men of Mayberry (with their children in tow, some of them crying) bother Andy and Opie at home when Warren still won't drop the charges. Eventually, the charges are dropped and Aunt Bee's good name is cleared once more.moreless
  • 10/4/65

    Aunt Bee and a retired politician experience a very fast-paced nightlife, but neither wants the other to discover they're getting tired out.

  • 9/27/65
    To get his mind off throwing rocks through windows, Ernest T. Bass is given the job of being a traffic cop. However, when Ernest T. begins throwing bricks through car windows, Malcom Merriweather is assigned Ernest T.'s task, causing Ernest T. to vow for revenge.
  • Andy's Rival
    Episode 2
    Frank, a teacher from Raleigh comes to Mayberry for a visit. He and Helen get along fine, and Andy suspects something is going on between them.
  • Opie's Job
    Episode 1

    Opie and another boy compete for a job at the grocery store.